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Hello, I'm Ahtzee. Glad you show an interest in me! Go ahead and continue reading carefully.

In SimplePlanes, I specialize in general aviation and military aircraft replicas. I also create custom built families, such as Twin Props & Cargo Planes. Those are what I'm best known for. Make sure you click on my posts to make sure you're not missing out on anything you may have missed!

Basically, I want to show some support to newly and impressive users (mainly if they have general aviation replicas or customs). Also, because I'm an iOS mobile user (NOW ON PC AS OF LATE 2017), I want to build my creations as mobile friendly as possible. But still looks unique and authentic to the eye. This is to make sure everyone can enjoy my creations. And lastly, I like to build custom made cockpits, engines, etc. that anyone can utilize and learn to build from them. This can include my subassemblies and prebuilt designs that are intended to be shared with you and the community.

Simplicity at its finest...

Be sure to download, comment, upvote and follow me in this community of simpleplanes.com/ so that you won't miss a post by me!

Thank you for reading, Ahtzee out.

Ahtzee Aeronautics & Space Industries (AASI)