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So welcome to my profile😄

and i hope your finding What your looking for

Also here are some Reasons on how i found this website

Im just a guy that randomly found this website because of this Video, and starting up the game i was so confused of whats going on like the Controls, The weird mouse thing, And what blocks do i use and after 5 months of playing the game i started to get the hang of things, I watched alot of tutorials about making planes but what i wanted is to recreate the


[This Screenshot is from @StinkyRice for my exia]

And it was all from collecting data and Borrowing parts from other builds, and finaly recreated the one thing i swored to do a year ago. Then your thinking that why did i create an account today in 2023 its because i was busy

but also i was lazy ;P

Thank you for my friend @StinkyRice for taking screenshots and testing my builds :>

although we met each other 2 months ago we are actually real life friends he helped me how to build and teached me the controls

Also hes now my number one Tester for my builds