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Aeromotive Aviation Works (AAW) specialises in the perfection of next-generation combat aircraft. We supply aircraft to all nations, as we are a neutral venture.

Aeromotors (AEM) specialises in the design and development of aviation powerplants. As a subsidiary of AAW, it provides the company with the latest in engine technology. It is a pioneer in WEP systems.

Our works can also be used in the different sectors as Aeroderivatives.

Active projects:

- MRVTOL (Multi-Role VTOL)
- DPGB (Ducted-Propeller Glide-Bomb)
- ACAP (Asymmetric Combat Aircraft Project)
- TVP (Thrust-Vectoring Project)
- PPRP (Push-Pull Reconnaisance Project)
- Multi-color pulsed exhaust flames
- Lightbringer compressors
- Rotorchargers

Engine Technology
- AEM-5: 16 cylinders, V-layout
- AEM-7: 6 cylinders, V-layout, turbocharged (projected output: 1,340 HP)
- AEM-8: coupled AEM-2T, wing-integratable (projected output: 4,200 HP)
- AEM-9: 24 cylinders, H-layout (projected output: 5,000+ HP)
- AEM-R10: 32 cylinders, 4-row radial (projected output: 4,000-5,000 HP)

Previously known as Aerofy