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Harebrained ideas

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT letting anyone join. That applies for everyone.

This is a joint account between
A Croissant.
X99STRIKER (R. I. Spaghetti)
Stop deleting the R. I. Spaghetti.
I want to take a nap in spaghetti and I can’t do that if y’all delete my spaghetti. )-:<
Striker, your spaghetti is rotten. Need more? Call Here.
Spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti.

how soon are we talking about for this "professional bio" beasthunter?

Whenever I get to it.
Ok, im gonna do a part that is like about the members or something
A Croissant has been on the SP website for 8 months. He is an amateur/intermediate builder.
BeastHunter is [REDACTED]
X99STRIKER is almost funny.
That describes me perfectly.

Professional part of the biography.

ASH Industries is a newly formed company designed to build the best aircraft, period.
Our motto:
Whatever your need for an airplane, we will not give it up, let it down, or run around and desert it.
We also are the first company to employ a french bread as a founding member!

Previously known as HunterStriker