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  • What happened to Randomusername ? 1.6 years ago

    @MrSilverWolf Ok calm down. People are not continuing the "drama", and you are not a moderator. If people do not know things then they will ask. Just be patient and it will die out on its own.

  • flesh plane 1.6 years ago

    When you try to become a cyborg but things go terribly wrong:

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 1.4 years ago

    How does this thing have 100x as many upvotes as my best plane? Geez

  • Phantom FGR.2 UK 2 months ago

    @asteroidbook345 @BreadDoBeKindaSus Yea the FG1 variant was carrier based so the nose wheel extended a ton. Even on this build I’m gonna make the nose gear retractable to match my Airfix kit

  • (unfinnished) F-16 2 months ago

    It’s freaking amazing I would be honored to finish it

  • Handley-Page Victor AI Tanker 3 months ago

    @Tang0five Right after you take a screenshot, press “take another” immediately after the 3rd one so it doesn’t have a chance to disappear

  • Handley-Page Victor AI Tanker 3 months ago

    @Tang0five It’s hard to see one better than this one, considering there’s only like 5 on the site and this is the best one so far

  • Handley-Page Victor AI Tanker 3 months ago

    @CBFinkle86633 Make sure it’s spawned up high and level. It’s only meant for AI usage. The controls are almost completely taken away for the sake of it not doing loops and barrel rolls while your trying to refuel

  • MiG-29 OVT 3 months ago

    casually opens canopy mid-flight for some fresh air

  • McDonnel Douglas Phantom FGR.2 7 months ago

    @Griffon1Crosswind If you read my profile description you can see that all my planes are purposely a lower part count so mobile players can enjoy decent planes without undue glitching and lag

  • [HOS]Head sculpture of Andrew (pixel version) 1.4 years ago

    “1 download”

  • Guided Missile 1.4 years ago

    This is nice unbelievably cool! It's awesomeness is so awesome, it propels the awesomeness away from the earth into the sky, past the solar system and pushes it out into deep space where the awesomeness expands out and into the unexplored nothingness of all our universe!

  • Messerschmitt Bf-109 X1 "Supér" Ver/0.1 1.4 years ago

    Sweet plane!

  • Ace 1 JTS-11 1.4 years ago

    @randomusername That is actually a brilliant analogy. I guess you are more creative.

    How's the crazy virus stuff going? It seems like everyone is going crazy because of it.

  • C-1 1.5 years ago

    Nice plane

  • Flywings FW-200 Cargo 1.5 years ago

    This thing is excellent! I like the wing.

  • KAI T-50TH 1.5 years ago

    Looks very cool!

  • A37 LightningBolt 1.5 years ago

    @TheSolarFlare No problem

  • Chasing the bomb 1.5 years ago

    Looks like fun!

  • Forum posted way too soon 1.5 years ago

    @randomusername Your builds are awesome. Keep it up!

    Can I ask something of you? I sort of need support and ideas on what to do for my projects. If you could direct some attention to my builds, I don’t know, maybe a shout-out forum with suggested builders, it might help get word out.

  • Random R-40 Greyhound 1.5 years ago

    Silver Nerfer? That's a great name not gonna lie

  • Scarab : Race entry 1.5 years ago

    This plane looks great!

  • Mini A-4 Skyhawk 1.5 years ago

    Nice job!

  • Triple Expansion Steam Engine (WIP) 1.6 years ago

    Heeeyyyy this looks cool, it’s like those old Martin engines

  • my version of the b-2 spirit 1.6 years ago

    Looks and flies great!

    Also, I love how fast it can drop ordinance on the Beast =)

  • X-wing T-65 1.6 years ago

    @SilverStar Do you happen to play GeoFS? You have aircraft from it.

  • A Cockpit 1.6 years ago

    Hmmm. Splendid

  • SXMS Shylron 1.6 years ago

    That thing looks absolutely awesome!

  • Alpha Jet E PAF 1.7 years ago

    Reminds me of the one on GeoFS.

  • [WEBW] McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle 28 days ago

    holy freakin moly

  • Katana one month ago

    brUh how did this

  • F-16 Falcon 2 months ago

    Credit goes to the original dude :P @RepublicF105thunderchief

  • Phantom FGR.2 UK 2 months ago

    None of them did it and I was asking in case it wasn’t connected properly @BreadDoBeKindaSus

  • Phantom FGR.2 UK 2 months ago

    for the retractable nose extension

    what group


  • Prototype 81v5 2 months ago

    Yo could you make a twin engine heavy fighter? Sorta a concept like the DH mosquito, P-61, etc

  • Prototype 37 2 months ago

    This thing is awesome!!! I like the clipped wingtips

  • Phantom FGR.2 UK 2 months ago

    What activation group @BreadDoBeKindaSus

  • get to snow island 2 months ago

    holy freaking smokes that’s a heck of a shot

  • F15C Galm2 3 months ago

    Dude this thing is legit

  • Dassault Mirage 3C 3 months ago

    Sir if you want the worst please take a look at mine

  • F-105 Thunderchief 3 months ago

    I can’t believe this thing. It’s so simple but so full and precise. Excellent parts efficiency!!!

  • HAC A01 Aircraft Carrier "Dawn" 4 months ago

    Somehow it works on mobile

  • Blue Angels F4II 4 months ago

    @Fox00One BroooOoOooooo giMmE mY scORe

  • A-4 Skyhawk 4 months ago

    how did this get more upvotes than mine without even using custom gear ;-;

  • Thrust vectoring engine 5 months ago

    y e s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

  • Blue Angels F4II 5 months ago

    @Fox00One Lol it’s alright! The score isn’t super worrying to me, I just like to be part of a competition:)

  • FI-22 “Fizz” 5 months ago

    very swag

  • ACS-56 (Piper J3 Cub) 5 months ago

    @AN2Felllla I didnt mean to make it public along with the other ones

  • ARSHS-5 5 months ago

    yeah :) i miss her. she was cool even outside of her planes @AdMiRaLSoviet

  • McDonnell F-101B Voodoo 5 months ago

    @Mostly I AM SO DONE