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I have been around since the dawn of simpleplanes, and if something doesn't fly, I Just take a deep breath and say "if the po-2 shot down jets, then this airplane can fly."

Please forgive past me’s spelling and grammatical errors. His planes are fine, But He didn't read a dictionary often.

my fictional company is maywar design, or MD for short, and it's motto is "volare atque" which is latin for "fly well".

Major projects on the way:

  • Silver build, Futuristic anomalocaris-esque salvage sub "Anomaly"
  • Spy car (s) to test weapon systems for the mech
  • Self-Propelled Mech Mark II, the successor to my most popular build, the "mech!" (gold build, maybe not)

Minor projects on the way:

  • Sea Reaper for use with the ocean mod.
  • My truck, But with a passenger/cargo area in the back.

Stuff I suggest downloading/my most popular posts:

  • Reaper III Raceplane (VR capable)
  • My Truck (Whatever is the latest version) (VR capable)
  • Mech!
  • Glaive Helicopter (VR capable)

I'm Canadian so expect me to apologize a lot.