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I take pre-built planes and make setups for them that are xml modded weapons and xml modded engines I sometimes make dooms day weapons also in the progress figuring out which all parts I can use to crash the game with also if you want me to do a survivability test on your plane tag me in the comments and say survive
If you need a custom doomsday device massage me on discord: 420IsMyGod#7303
Weapons manufacturer company: doomsday inc
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Used to be Jason Vorrhees now use my current gamertag

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@Zaineman Can Make Almost Anything PSM Capable Including Cars

@WinsWings Makes Stuff That Is Fun

@FirstLandFish83828 Is A Fish That Somehow Got A Pilots License

@TrippinMidget11222211 Is A Fellow Stoner

@Timothy19452022 Is A Really Good Test Pilot also really good at making lore for planes

Previously known as JasonVorrhees