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I have been relatively inactive with posts, coz I’m thinking about both graduation and other stuff that is MUCH more personal so i am NOT saying. happyhunter knows coz i told them in person tho

Bit ‘bout me

Hi, I am quite new, about August last year. I live in Australia, am a planes enthusiast (not the best one XD).


Love Halo, No Man’s Sky, ‘Straya, World War 2 (as my name implies), eating food, drinking about 3 litres of water in 12 hours, music, Germany, German food, planes, tanks as well, America, some Call of Duty games, video games as you can tell, space, science. I am not very good at creating aircraft in SP because I only recently started posting, so yea.

Favourite stuff

Favourite food: German. Favourite game: Halo MCC. Favourite real plane: Messerschmitt Bf-109 K-4. Favourite fictional plane: Halo Reach Sabre space fighter. I also like modern stuff and American Civil War stuff. Used to role play a quite realistic version of a WWII game with my friends at school.

That primary school game I wrote about

I mean we would literally relax all of our muscles and hit the ground, but wouldn’t actually hurt ourselves because we broke our own landings. And we pretended to use actual weaponry each country used, reloaded our imaginary weapons and stuff like that. Yeah, if you even watched it you’d have to believe it, no matter what you currently think. Don’t do it anymore, sadly. It was a lot of fun. Actually makes me quite sad :(

Ich war das Vaterland, oder Deutschland (Germany (sorry Germans if those are spelled wrong but it is google translate what do you expect? Sorry Deutsche, wenn diese falsch geschrieben sind, aber es ist Google Translate. Was erwartest du?))

Cool Things ‘Bout Me

I was born on 6 June 2008, the 64th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 1944)
I live in Australia, a country in the southern hemisphere that is America’s closest ally (I think) because we also have Lockheed Martin YF-22 Raptors, and in both WWI and WWII we were the ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Cor.) companies who fought both on our own and with the allies (coz we ARE allies AND capitalist). Their most well known battle was Gallipoli. Although it failed and we had to retreat, we put up a HUGE fight. We even played cricket with the Turks on the single day of no fighting (Christmas I think). That’s also where Drip Rifles were invented.
Not-so-cool bit about me: my parents are divorced and hate each other :(
happyhunter and I are graduating Year 6 this year :D (also scared and sad about it tho).

Friends in real life also on SP:

@happyhunter (joined up recently, also currently iOS only)


Bronze: Monday 8th November, 2020

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Mod: Probably never

So that’s my much more detailed bio.

P.S: It says I joined 3 months ago, that is when I eventually signed up to the SP website.

Previously known as 2LtnofWWII