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"Don't Ask me Why, I'm Not Quite Sure Myself" -12705129

I'm back folks! I did lose a couple projects, but not to worry! I'm just happy to be back!

Well let me introduce myself, My Gamertag is 12705129 for reasons. Yes for reasons... anyway! I also go by CaptainCapybara1 or simply Captain. I am the owner of the Krabobolan Cargo Agency, But we'll get to that later.

A bit about me:
Age- Classified
Real Name- Also Classified
Hobbies- Aviation, Karate, WW2, Legos, and of course, SimplePlanes!
Pet Peeves: People not tagging me when they chat to me
Pets- Brittany Spaniel
Heres what they look like (Not mine)

The Krakabloan Cargo Agency:
This is a company I created for (mainly propeller) cargo planes. This has been going on for about a month now and it's doing pretty well.
Here our site page:
Krabobolan Cargo Agency

Current SP status:


Useful stuffs:
Formatting a post
SP isles map

Plane memes for the fun of it:

Pls enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Did you read my BIO? if so, click here!: