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  • Steam Summer Sale 3 months ago

    Does anyone know, who is this girl on banner?

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2 months ago

    Collision model for fuselages that have same shape as visible fuselage.
    Because we can do camo from from many parts, we can hide resizable wheel inside custom rim, but we can not change collisions.

  • German Corsair 1.3 years ago

    too many airbrakes
    theoritically, airbrake(or engine,wing, or something else works with air) cannot work in low-pressure flow(on small speed, on upper surface of wing, behind airbrake etc).

  • (do not spotlight) 2.4 years ago

    You're go bananas? Or can't read? it says here "Do not spotlight"!

  • WIN.440 3 months ago

    BAC TSR2?

  • Earth, made out of guns V2 1.3 years ago

    Next step - 129 600 guns (one gun per squared degree of surface)!

  • Non Menacing Box 1.3 years ago

    "just a cube" with 24 parts and 8 control surfaces?

  • Sukhoi SU-75 Checkmate 2 months ago

    Sometimes SP builders is even faster than R34 artists...

  • Turret Fighter Challenge 3 months ago

    Manual loading isn't a problem of gun itself.
    But i agree about HE shells.

  • Scuderia Ferrari SF71H 3 months ago

    Nice build, but 11 tons is too heavy for a car.
    Real ones is just 700-800 kgs including meat.

  • Screen, made out of bullets 4 months ago

    I actually made something like that (iirc it's named "turtle graphics"), but gun's bullet flies away with speed given by "smaller box", so you need sort of blocker that will stop turtle before firing.
    If you have more than two bullets at almost-same place, you will see two different boxes instead of one colored, because tracerColor can't use 32-bit colors.
    You will need 8-128 guns (one for each color) and sort of multiplexer linked on AGs (Activate1&!Activate2&!Activate3...) (you can add blocker from previous paragraph here).
    You don't need huge grid, you need one small (like 12x12 bullets +circles for radial coords) attached to turtle, because in most cases human remembers relative coords (twenty hands above old tree) instead of absolute ones.
    Winch is very, very fragile, let's use old good pistons instead.
    And still i don't think it will be very accurate.
    Just see at this build in game - each gun is connected to some others, but still it looks like a rope from guns instead of solid rod.

  • **Updated Rules** The Great SimplePlanes Dogfight Tournament 4 months ago

    I agree with @Rodrigo110 .
    In other challenges and tournaments it works just like that.

  • **Updated Rules** The Great SimplePlanes Dogfight Tournament 4 months ago

    Same question as @Rodrigo110
    Also, can you tag me if you will change deadline one more time?

  • Spin Mustang one year ago


  • Spawnable Airport 2.2 years ago

    110 details Playground, 89 details Airport, What's next?
    Edges are straight, you can dock with others.

  • A discovery (not sure) and a question 10 days ago

    as far from center of mass as possible.
    airplane rotates around it's CoM, and speed of part relative to CoM is proportional to distance from part to CoM and angular velocity of airplane.
    also if you have large ring on your airplane you can rotate cockpit inside ring, so it's velocity will not be same as velocity of airplane.

  • Sukhoi SU-75 Checkmate one month ago

    @DeltaLCI no, please, no!

  • black box 2 months ago


  • Void case -H1 2 months ago

    not-to-forget comment.

  • The Queen Flies Again [TEASER] 3 months ago


  • Turret Fighter Challenge 3 months ago

    Can i install more than one turrets? (you will need at least 2 to cover full sphere)
    How many engines can i install?
    Can it be jet-powered?
    Will 20mm cannon with 1400m/s muzzle velocity be considered as realistic?

  • CPF-3"Vulcan" 4 months ago

    Is it supposed to be a bomber?
    It flies (and looks) good, but it feels that 40m is a little too much for a fighter.

  • Alcubierre Drive 4 months ago

    Power/Weight Ratio 15.29
    Drag Points 0

    Is there any other way to build warp drive?

  • M-35Q JIC V.2 4 months ago

    It's very rare to see bronze profile with such a good build.

  • **Updated Rules** The Great SimplePlanes Dogfight Tournament 5 months ago

    @rexzion @Tookan
    Gun works in mp, but it doesn't remove parts from builds.
    So we can set some time for fight and then count hits like in RC dogfights, or just see who gets hit first.

  • A-27 'Thunker' 5 months ago

    Don't worry about wings, with enough TWR even a chair can fly...

  • SimplePlanes Aircraft Renovation Challenge! [Closed] 5 months ago

    Is it okay, if i will change std jet|propeller to electric one?
    Is it okay, if i will add thrust vectoring (to quadcopter)?
    Is it okay, if i will use active wings or self-modifying systems (for airplanes)?

  • How ? 6 months ago

    In game any target despawns if range>16 km.
    Exceptions is dogfight, (maybe)race, and multiplayer.
    You can't change this range if you don't have exact location of this value in executable or source code of a game.

  • Winners of the Mega Dogfight Tournament! 6 months ago

    @Kangy @SPMTB OK.
    In any case human is weakest element of plane, and we need to replace it, because in videogame with such possibilities 9G is just nothing.

  • BT-42 Jatkosota team (Girls und panzer) 6 months ago

    @stevemc01 idk about gun, but it actually uses BT-7 chassis.

  • How do i make hovering 7 months ago

    basically you just need difference between input and real altitude
    sum(Input)-AltitudeAgl for variable-high hover
    but engine with this code must face directly to center of mass, and it must face above horizon.
    altitude above ground will be lower than given by input due to sin of engine rotation, and maximum acceleration (engine's thrust divided by craft's mass), but it will work with any mass and thrust.
    you can improve it's pricesion by using 2nd or 3rd power of difference.
    If you have more than 3 engines, you can also control pitch and roll just by adding PitchAngle or RollAngle to it.
    Also, you can use PID(target, current, p, i , d) function, but it need constants (p,i,d), and it will not work correct after change of mass or thrust.
    there are videos about pid.
    and there's some math for engines mounted with different angles

  • GR-HV 02 Visl 7 months ago

    I'm not sure i did not asked before, but why did you deleted your old builds?
    Or is it site|browser glitch?

  • jet engine efficiency one year ago

    Thrust in newtons.
    Fuel consuption is in liters per second, and is a multiple of 3.785, in this list it's rounded to integer or to tenth.

  • XT-F 08 Flügel Asteria 1.1 years ago

    SP can become even more laggy, because in SE one script can control anything in the ship, but in SP each detail must calculate it's own expression.

  • XT-F 08 Flügel Asteria 1.2 years ago

    Someday FT will be heavier in calculation than collisions and air drag..
    Then perhaps if someone will return to traditional methods of auto-leveling and maneuverability improvement it will be considered an innovation..

  • Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes (RX-78GP01) 1.2 years ago

    Is it possible to control hands manually where automation of the legs failed, and engines can't be turned on?
    For example, when i need to climb a mountain, automation is unlikely to work according to the GIF in the description.

  • electric fighter 1.2 years ago

    It's Randomusername's electric engines. Two pistons with airbrakes in the sides(it need a lot of space), and one airbrake with negative input in middle.

  • Using Another Fonts Is Legal? 1.3 years ago

    But it's unicode symbols, not fonts.
    𝒜(1d49c), 𝓐(1d4d0), 𝔄(1d504) etc.
    And it may not work because of different code pages in your browser/OS
    For example, this is Mathematical Bold Script Small C in unicode: 1D4EC
    But, in ANSI this code means:

  • Wright International Airshow December 2020 [Close, I'm making video] 1.3 years ago

    It will be evaluated the level of efficiency, Funcky Trees, for flight and automizac,
    as fly-by-wire, or else automatic horizontal statuary..Anything that uses Funky Trees.

    But what if plane stable enough to fly without fly-by-wire and autopilot? What if it flies horizontal just because of it's aerodynamics? What if it uses mechanical linkages instead of FT?

  • HSIFV Tank 1.3 years ago

    external, it's just misprint.

  • HSIFV Tank 1.3 years ago

    High Survivability with enternal suspension, lol.

  • Convertible Car 1.3 years ago

    SP cars still 2-20 times heavier than real-live prototypes...

  • Hover Module 1.3 years ago

    Why can't you make stabilizers out of jets inside this block?
    How many blocks per 1000 kg do i need?
    What if i can't attach vertical stabilizers?
    Is it stable in horizontal axis?

  • SP ep15 | Vertical propeller 1.3 years ago


    Also if you want me to make your design so on video, please leave the link below.

  • Non Menacing Box 1.3 years ago

    in this world, I can't even trust myself.

  • Drag points... just a random measurement number Jundroo made up, or an actual real life unit? 1.4 years ago

    The drag coefficient is used to compare the solutions of different geometries by means of a dimensionless number.
    A drag count is used as a more user-friendly measurement(bullshit) as the coefficient of drag is usually much less than 1. A drag count of 200 to 400 is typical for an airplane at cruise.
    A reduction of one drag count on a subsonic civil transport airplane means about 200 lb (91 kg) more in payload.(not really)
    in result:
    velocity v=83 m/s
    gas density p=1.225 kg/m^3
    reference area a=15.6088 m^2
    drag points 911.002
    coefficient drag cd=0.0911002
    drag force fd=6000 n

  • F-5 in 5 parts 1.4 years ago

    Suggestions are welcome!
    Can you make Lavochkin La-9, please?

  • Blast from the past 1.8 years ago

    Nice gears!

  • u-boat 1.9 years ago

    @randomusername @Tums said i should tag you.