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43.1k SILVERPANZER  1.6 years ago



Universal Heavy Tank of the future.



150-mm Rail Gun.
Can use AR, HE & Homing Missiles (3 Missiles, D: 125km).
Use Fuse Input.
Projectile velocity: 20000 m/s.
Reload: 3s.
Cannon V-Angle: -7/+15.

200mm electromagnetic accelerator of projectiles.
Can use AR, HE & Homing Missiles (3 Missiles, D: 125km).
Use Fuse Input.
Projectile velocity: 5000 m/s.
Reload: 3.7s.
Cannon V-Angle: -7/+15.

100-mm x2 Plasma cannons.
2 Mods: Auto & Power.
Use Fuse Input.
Projectile velocity: 2500 m/s.
Reload: 3s (2 shots Power mode).
Rate of Fire: 600 s/m (2 cannons Auto mode).
Cannon V-Angle: -7/+15.

Organ Missile Launcher (10 Missiles, D: 125km).

RCWS: Auto-Rail Gun.
Cal: 75-mm.
PV: 7500 m/s.
Rate of Fire: 600 s/m.
RCWS V-Angle: -5/+30.
(Activate: RG-75 Auto).

RCWS: x3 30-mm rotor autocannon.
Projectile Velocity: 2500 m/s.
RCWS V-Angle: -5/+30.
(Activate: RPMG-30).

Sides Missiles Pod (12 Missiles ML-1).

Side RPMG-30 (30-mm x3 Rotor Machine Gun).
Projectile Velocity: 2500 m/s.
Vertical Angle: -4.5°/+45°.
(Activate: RPMG-30).

Side SG-50 (Shotgun 50-mm).
Projectile Velocity: 1000 m/s.
Vertical Angle: -4.5°/+45°.
(Activate: SG-50).

Mini-Beams cannon



It has several standard engines.
Develops high speed (486 km/h).
Accelerates quickly (~120 km/h in 3 seconds).
The rate of rotation of the tank body: ~64 Deg/s.
The rate of rotation of the tank tower: ~97 Deg/s.
The rate of rotation of the RCWS: ~176 Deg/s.



The armor, from 1-1.5 million HP, also has additional armor all sides.

It has protection from missiles.


Of the additional features:

1) It has auto-targeting.
2) Cannon & RCWS Stabilizer.
3) Pulse dash (Weapon Name - DASH). Allows you to make a short and quick dash.
4) Orbital viev: 500m, 3km & 10km.


Tank control:

VTOL - forward and backward movement.
Yaw — tank rotation.
Brake standard.
Roll - manual control of the tower.
Trim - Lifting and lowering of the gun (manual).
AG7: VTOL & Trim - setting the Hydraulic suspension level, after that, turn off the AG7 so that the suspension hangs in the desired position.

LG - Conventional engines.
AG1 - Manual tower & cannon control.
AG2 - Activation of auto-guidance.
AG3 - Fuse Input.
AG4 - ...
AG5 - ...
AG6 - ...
AG7 - Hydraulic suspension.
AG8 - On/Off Label.


Real Tank Size:

Width: 4.6m

Length: 12.4m (Railgun), 12.8m (EMAC-200) , 13.6m (PL-100)

Height: 3.3m (RG RCWS), 3.2 (PMG-30 RCWS)

Guide for replacing guns:

Weapons can be easily replaced by owning Fine Tuner, Attachment Editor and Variable Set

Main cannon:
Remove the installed Rail gun to the rotor, then install the EMAC-200 using the "Fine Tuner" and "Attachment Editor", connect the gun, then replace the value "CCAA" with "CCAA2" in the input variable of the gyroscope, then find the value "TA1" in the "Variable Set", find the value "TA2" at the very end of the code "TA1" and replace it with "TA2a".

Do the same if you want to set "PL-100", only you need to replace the values in the horoscope with "CCAA3" and in "TA1" replace "TA2" with "TA2b".

To install RMG-30:
Remove "RG RCWS" and install "RCWC RMG-30" on the rotor axis using "Fine Tuner" and "Attachment Editor", then replace the variable "RCWSH" with "RCWSH2".


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 24.9ft (7.6m)
  • Length 40.8ft (12.4m)
  • Height 10.8ft (3.3m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 117,209lbs (53,165kg)


  • Wing Loading N/A
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 0


  • Number of Parts 498
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 3,673