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34.6k REW  1.8 years ago


7th Oct Update <<<

Hello everyone, I'm back. This airplane tooks me hundreds of hours.And I remade the nose and fuselage after 1.10beta release. The smooth effect even exceeded my expectations. I hope you like it.


Thanks @FinnAurora for screenshots and picture processing.

Thanks @Franklinclinton @QinSheng @HTPE @Pita @Kenneth_ @FiguredFC for testing.


Mobile Friendly:

Mobile Friendly (1379parts)

Other Liveries:

high-smoothness material

black-white material


HUD -------------------------- Activate1.
Reverse Thrust Enabld. -------- Brake(Must Activate7 and on ground).
Spoiler ------------------------- Brake.

Flaps(UP) ---------------------- VTOL 0
Flaps(1°). ---------------------- VTOL 0 >> -0.2
Flaps(5°). ---------------------- VTOL -0.2 >> -0.4
Flaps(15°). --------------------- VTOL -0.4 >> -0.6
Flaps(20°). --------------------- VTOL -0.6 >> -0.8
Flaps(25°). --------------------- VTOL -0.8 >> -1
Flaps(30°). --------------------- VTOL -1

Trim(Continuous) ------------ Trim.
(Trim slider should be slided to center after trimming to right position.)


  1. Total 315,000lbs.(255,000 lbs EmptyWeight and 60,000lbs payload). Don't add too much payload, which will cause landing gear shaking.(Improved in update.)
    2.Deviation occurs during takeoff because of the sliding of the wheels.(Ameliorated in update but still exist.)
    3.Fuselage connection smooth of v1.10 can't use on flexable wing. It looks weird when use high smoothness material.
    4.I only made 6 flaps postions. Actually 787-9 has 3 more flaps positions than 787-8.(10°,17°,18°).
    5.Please run with medium or high physics setting.


General Characteristics

  • Successors 2 airplane(s) +7 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 198.2ft (60.4m)
  • Length 205.2ft (62.5m)
  • Height 56.8ft (17.3m)
  • Empty Weight 278,822lbs (126,471kg)
  • Loaded Weight 314,272lbs (142,551kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.501
  • Wing Loading 45.6lbs/ft2 (222.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 6,895.8ft2 (640.6m2)
  • Drag Points 8770


  • Number of Parts 2499
  • Control Surfaces 9
  • Performance Cost 9,791
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    34.6k REW

    Update 27th Sep:
    Enhanced the stability of wheels.
    And mobile friendly verison has been reduced to 1379parts.

    Update 7th Oct:
    1.Corrected the cockpit windshield shape.
    2.Elevator trim method changed back to ordinary.

    Pinned 1.7 years ago
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    Awesome plane!

    18 days ago
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    2,744 Brayden1981

    Hi there are you still around @REW

    one month ago
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    好飞机,就是有点费显卡 :)

    2 months ago
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    iPad mini6,very nice

    3 months ago
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    8 months ago
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    17.7k klm747klm747

    @elevatormann I'll try and be nicer in the future

    9 months ago
  • Profile image

    Well, I guess I meant it seems you have high standards but I guess nothing’s wrong with it @klm747klm747

    9 months ago
  • Profile image
    17.7k klm747klm747

    @elevatormann Airliners are from real life but ok (I'm pretty sure he's shooting for realism)

    9 months ago
  • Profile image

    Don’t get me wrong, I love your builds and the effort you put into it, but it seems like you’re comparing SP to real life. @klm747klm747

    9 months ago
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    124k Hyperloop


    11 months ago
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    8,137 Marchani

    Hi @REW you have any new project?

    one year ago
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    17.7k klm747klm747

    Why does it take off in 2,000 feet? Also there are some serious issues with drag and the pitch-up moment when adding flaps. When using the correct approach speeds, the aircraft requires a lot of down trim, and when using the speedbrakes, the flaperons also rise (in flight)!

    Overall, you did a really good job but there are a few things that could be improved.

    one year ago
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    mobile friendly

    1.3 years ago
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    1.4 years ago
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    @RusDoomer0825 yea dont flex your iphone here

    1.5 years ago
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    5,194 donkski

    Very funny how mobile version has over 1300 parts

    1.5 years ago
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    17.7k klm747klm747

    The airplane pitches up a bit too much when flaps are added, and I'm pretty sure the flaperons shouldn't function as spoilers in the air. Everything else except for a few things are perfect.

    1.5 years ago
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    Max settings+Boeing 787-9 REW+iPhone SE 2020= 40-60 FPS, beautiful.

    1.5 years ago
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    4,563 TheMaus

    6gb with ipad pro 2020.@Roaringpig

    1.5 years ago
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    210 DrEthel

    @ZhuoQingKe 事787,好鵺!

    1.5 years ago
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    This needs 8gb ram so no lags

    1.6 years ago
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    7,796 Ruii

    @REW is there a way i can personally contact you so that i dont have to keep commenting on this post, its regarding the wingflex code still :). I got it to work but the wing kind of bounces up and down when rolling or pitching, like a little flex up and down

    1.7 years ago
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    120 CB76565

    @REW oh okie thanks

    1.7 years ago
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    759 Mulemwa

    By mobile friendly I think you mean IPad friendly

    1.7 years ago
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