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ju-87 Stuka

495 Flightsimulator  2.8 years ago

My first creation! Hope you enjoy :) Here's some from Wikipedia-The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, "dive bomber") was a German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Designed by Hermann Pohlmann, it first flew in 1935. The Ju 87 made its combat debut in 1937 with the Luftwaffe's Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War and served the Axis forces in World War II.

General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 26.0ft (7.9m)
  • Length 24.0ft (7.3m)
  • Height 13.6ft (4.1m)
  • Empty Weight 3,703lbs (1,679kg)
  • Loaded Weight 4,136lbs (1,876kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.543
  • Wing Loading 43.5lbs/ft2 (212.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 95.0ft2 (8.8m2)
  • Drag Points 761


  • Number of Parts 29
  • Control Surfaces 3
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    it was good

    9 months ago
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    @Flyer24 :)

    one year ago
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    300 Flyer24

    @Flightsimulator Oh I see now :D

    one year ago
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    @Flyer24 i made a new one just after I realized it didn't have horizontal stabilizer

    +1 one year ago
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    300 Flyer24

    By looks, it's pretty much like a stuka indeed, so that's a good point. But to be honest, I wouldn't even try to fly this design in reality - unless I'm really bored of my life - as long as you don't give it an elevator (horizontal stabilizer) so that it can pitch even, not just roll and yaw. I reckon it can't take off from the ground in its current state, can it?
    If you'd like to improve, I recommend you to test your vehicles after each significant modification and polish them as well as you can, not just say, "It seems kinda like a plane so it must be ok"...

    one year ago