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Auto Credit Based on PlaneFlightX's SWL-150


After about three full days of working, this monster of a cargo plane, the SWL-150, is ready to fly. Every single thing in the cockpit works - pedals, throttle, dials, yokes, reverse thrust. 2 cameras in cockpit, 2 at wings. Main cockpit is in the middle of the cockpit, check that view out too.


8 - Speedbrakes
1, 2, 3, 4 - Engine stuff
5, 6, 7 - Lights
Gear & Trim - Landing Gear (Trim up when level start)
VTOL - Flaps (Down)

Engine Start

Engine Number One:
1 and 3% throttle, then 3. Ready
Engine Number Two:
2 and 3% throttle, then 4. Ready


5 for wing lights
6 for landing lights
7 for tail and body lights

Landing Gear

Trim for gear doors, lever in cockpit.
Gear for landing gear, lever in cockpit. This one has a wheel above it, easy identification. Trim up when level is started. To pull up gear, first put trim to middle, then gear up. Trim up.

How to fly


After starting engines and activating 5, 6, 7, flaps (VTOL) to half a notch down. Full throttle. At 250 miles per hour, pull up. Pull up gear. At 6,000 ft, flaps up. Cruising is 7,000 ft. Throttle to 90%.


When you start descent from 7,000 or 6,000 ft, Throttle to 70% - 80%. At 4,000 ft, flaps to 25% down. Landing gear down. Throttle to 60%. When you are on short final, full flaps. Just before you touch down, pull up to hit the ground main landing gear first. As soon as you touch down, pull throttle back for speed brakes, reverse thrust, and brakes. On the new engine option versions (neo), the reverse thrust panels will slide back. When you reach 30 mph, make sure brakes are off, then deactivate 3 and 4. This means the reverse thrust and main thrust will stop. Taxi to designated gate.

Engine & Plane Shutdown

When at gate, stop. Deactivate everything.

To back out of gate and get started again

Activate engines. Activate everything else. Flaps to takeoff. Pull throttle back for reverse thrust. You will start backing up. Turn as you back up to line up with taxiway. Taxi to runway. When at runway, follow takeoff instructions.


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General Characteristics

  • Predecessor SWL-150
  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 154.0ft (46.9m)
  • Length 118.4ft (36.1m)
  • Height 24.8ft (7.6m)
  • Empty Weight 53,348lbs (24,198kg)
  • Loaded Weight 74,405lbs (33,749kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.902
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.026
  • Wing Loading 43.8lbs/ft2 (214.0kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,697.3ft2 (157.7m2)
  • Drag Points 28006


  • Number of Parts 338
  • Control Surfaces 10
  • Performance Cost 1,725