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FT Air-To-Air Missile, HYAM MK.1

12.1k Ku  9 months ago
Auto Credit Based on Jundroo's Wasp


Thust Vectoring Funky Trees Guided Air-To-Air Missile

Domestically developed by Ku Aerospace, capable of extremely high off-boresight angle lock and launch, and high maneuverability with the assistance of thrust vectoring; No part of the missile is guided/controlled by in-game default missiles nor gyros!.

Player usage

Simply select an air target and press FireWeapons button (left alt on PC) and the missiles will fire one by one. No need to acquire lock and such.

Features and abilities

  • Not guided by default in-game missile or gyro
  • Thrust vectoring
  • Uses Proportional Guidance
  • Decent range
  • Retains maneuverability at high altitude and low launch speeds due to thrust vectoring
  • Able to glide to target after fuel has been exhausted
  • Able to lock on after launch
  • Impervious to countermeasures
  • Gives no launch warning to targeted aircraft

Limitatons and problems

  • The missile's performance is highly dependent on the performance of the device, where a lower frame rate could dramatically lower the missile's performance
  • The missile has a slightly hard time orientating and tracking targets when it is pointing directly up or down
  • The smoke generator (a tiny hellfire missile inside the missile which it's sole purpose is to generate smoke for looks and provides no guidance or thrust) may sometimes fall out of the missile due to violent maneuvers or lag. This does not affect the performance of the missile whatsoever.
  • The missile may spin out of control occasionally or if the frame rate of your device is too low; high physics is mandatory!
  • The proximity fuse has a chance of not detonating due to physics limitations


Max speed: Mach 3
Maximum flight range: 25KM
G load: >40Gs
Rocket burn time: 2 seconds booster, 6 seconds sustainer
Track mode: Infra-Red (IR)
Aspect: All aspect
Lock range: 15 km, All aspect
Lock-angle: 60 degrees
Guidance time: 30 seconds
Weight: 287 lbs


This is my first time trying to implement thrust vectoring in my missile. The thrust vectoring effect is far, far, far from perfect, but it does the baseline of what I set it out to do, and that is in assisting the missile to maneuver during launch and improving its maneuverability at low launch speeds and high altitude, a long-standing problem for my other FT guided missiles. With that being said, this missile is not as reliable as my other missiles in terms of tracking and hitting its targets; sometimes it will spin out of control or simply miss the target entirely. The thrust vectoring capability itself is quite gimmicky as well and can not make the missile do high AOA maneuvers as that is extremely hard to control as of right now. The technology should mature enough in the coming weeks/months for me to come up with a better version of the missile and I will maybe even build an R-73 replica.

If you have any questions regarding how the missile works please contact me on discord, username is kuatta4

PS. I completely forgot what HYAM stood for; I came up with the design on a bus somewhere and I drew it on a notepad and named it then.


Jundroo for Wasp as my test bed
ReinMcDeer for the F16 as target


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Wasp
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 41.2ft (12.6m)
  • Length 56.1ft (17.1m)
  • Height 15.6ft (4.8m)
  • Empty Weight 23,234lbs (10,538kg)
  • Loaded Weight 38,846lbs (17,620kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.561
  • Wing Loading 79.1lbs/ft2 (386.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 491.1ft2 (45.6m2)
  • Drag Points 2750


  • Number of Parts 343
  • Control Surfaces 10
  • Performance Cost 1,800
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    @Ku ok bro, I've added it, just click on ACC, my name on discord is Petronas2002 🙏

    one month ago
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    12.1k Ku

    @UseGooglePlay yes everything is made by myself. Contact me on discord @kuatta4 and we can talk more about it there

    +1 one month ago
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    @Ku If you can, I will propose to you for cooperation and will give you credit for using your funky tree code

    one month ago
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    @Ku , the missiles are cool and unique and different from other missiles, i love it ,but I have a question,did you make the funky tree yourself ?

    one month ago
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    It's only getting better. But could you break down the functions of the ft in detail, since I kinda want to understand it better, so I can try it myself. Would be really cool.

    8 months ago
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    12.1k Ku

    @Vulorian I had that idea but I can't find a good enough blue print for it yet.

    +2 9 months ago
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    1,387 Vulorian

    can you make SRAAM?

    +1 9 months ago
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    135 Goofygg5

    Oh man this is so cool, I've also tried to give one of my missile a guidance system but I don't known anything about variables too much complicated so I tried to camrea guide it worked but it's man guided anyway great job you're a magician bro your builds are fun to use

    +1 9 months ago
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    72.8k MrCOPTY

    FT TVC Missile 👀

    +1 9 months ago