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QAX Geronimo Torp destroyer

2,499 maximillianvonschaben  4.4 years ago

My second ship! this is mobile freindly. credit to patton2 for the topedo slots.
In June of 1940, the major general deren velawa discussed with other generals about what new things to make, some generals thought of new planes, such as bomber and fighters,others thought of tanks. This was when the genarals thought of the tanksver C2A5. But genarals hohen kilo,deren velawa,and Ziyad Mallasi thought Of building new ships.The thought of building some torp destroyers. They thought of the names. The names were:
And Jaeger. These ships were perfect for escorting carriers and battleships because they had torpedos,and torpedos destroy enemy ships.and even if enemy torpedos were heading for the battleships/ carriers because the torp destroyers had radar to detect if enemy torpedos were coming.
Engines: 1x 130,000 hp U-34 engine
Top speed: 29 mph
3x 110mm T-12 turrets
4x A-23 AA guns
16x A-12 AA guns
5x H-345 torpedos
30 officers
870 enlisted
Real length: 567.9 feet
Real height: 98.6 feet
Real width: 45.8 feet
Weight: 5467 tons
I hope you guys like it! :)


General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 11.2ft (3.4m)
  • Length 48.7ft (14.8m)
  • Height 10.4ft (3.2m)
  • Empty Weight 11,019lbs (4,998kg)
  • Loaded Weight 19,727lbs (8,948kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.17
  • Wing Loading 514.5lbs/ft2 (2,511.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 38.3ft2 (3.6m2)
  • Drag Points 3768


  • Number of Parts 220
  • Control Surfaces 2
  • Performance Cost 634
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    @Stormfur ahhh ok.

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    15.5k Defective47

    @AstonMartin145 thx but never mind I found out how to a long time ago.

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    @Stormfur what type of guns? and do you play on mobile or pc because you need fine tuner for this type of turret

    3.1 years ago
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    15.5k Defective47

    i know this is a bad question but how do you get the Fuselages over the guns because i tried every way imaginable but still can't.

    3.6 years ago
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    @Strikefighter04 no problem!

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    That's totally fine! And thanks! @AstonMartin145

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    Good job on reaching 9k!

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    @Strikefighter04 remember that I can on,y do your ships on the weekends.

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    Np comrade! @AstonMartin145

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    Thanks for upvoting @Strikefighter04!

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