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Airbus A330-900 neo azul

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ag3=cabin lights
ag5+trim=stabilizes the aircraft up to 3,000 m

about the aircraft

The Airbus A330neo is a widebody, twin-engine, turbofan aircraft, which was developed by Airbus to replace the Airbus A330. There will be two variants of the A330neo: the A330-800neo and the A330-900neo.The letters neo mean New Engine Option. The Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 will be the only engine available for the aircraft.The A330neo also has other improvements, such as custom winglets and the black mask that surrounds the windshield, both inspired by Airbus' new aircraft, the A350. The aircraft has a larger wingspan compared to its predecessor. According to Airbus, these improvements will reduce fuel consumption by 14%, making the medium-range aircraft more efficient in the world.
TAP Air Portugal was the first airline in the world to receive the new Airbus A330neo, in the A330-900 neo version.



The Airbus development team needed to decide the future of the A330, its most successful wide-body aircraft. The number of orders fell year after year, while the press, experts and airlines (especially Delta and AirAsia X) pressured the manufacturer for an aircraft the size of the A330, modernized. While Boeing modernized the acclaimed 777 - for the long-haul routes with higher demand - and developed the 787 - for medium to long-range routes, but with lower demand - Airbus focused its bets, on the medium-long-range sector, on the high-demand market only, developing the A380 and A350 aircraft. In this way, companies that were looking for a successor to their already old 767 and A330, in the medium demand market, found their answers mainly in Boeing's Dreamliner, while Airbus, which remained without answers for the future of the A330, saw its number of orders plummet. Although the A330 is considerably cheaper than the 787, because it has been a consolidated project for 23 years (and therefore more attractive for smaller airlines, with less capital), fuel consumption is around 11% higher than that of Boeing's competitor.

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General Characteristics

  • Predecessor [Aircraft]Airbus A330-900 neo
  • Successors 3 airplane(s) +35 bonus
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  • Wingspan 216.5ft (66.0m)
  • Length 213.1ft (65.0m)
  • Height 54.0ft (16.5m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 11,112lbs (5,040kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 49.852
  • Wing Loading 11.3lbs/ft2 (55.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 979.2ft2 (91.0m2)
  • Drag Points 13661


  • Number of Parts 205
  • Control Surfaces 11
  • Performance Cost 1,043