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RDS XFS-43 Velestor

11.7k Ferrolon  2.5 years ago
Auto Credit Based on Ferrolon's RAE XFS-43 Velestor

Profectus sis, para bellum.


In 2008, the SVAF were requesting a new combat jet capable of large weapon capacity, powerful avionics and EW suite, semi-stealth and supercruise, as well as supermanuverability, to replace the aging Su-35SM and to streamline the airforce's inventory, resulting in reduced operating costs and logistical burden. The contract was awarded to the RAE, which now is renamed to RDS (Relheon Defense Systems) and they developed a plane that would go on to form the backbone of SVAF multirole strike capability.

General Specifications

Name: XFS-43

Codename: Velestor

Developer: RDS

User: Silvansen and it's allies

Generation: 4.5th

Cost: 55M$ Per unit, 65M$ per export unit (Would be 158-170M$ realistically)

Units count: around 300

Expected service lifetime: 35-50 years

Technical Specifications


2x Astell XM-21IA TVC Low-bypass afterburning turbofan
2x Astell APG-334 turbine alternator
1x Astell APG-235 fuel energy cells


RDS ADS-A52 AESA Radar Array
RDS ADS-B43 EO-IR Detector Array
8x RDS ADS-C63 Visual Camera(s)
RDS EWS-33 Electronic Warfare Suite
RDS ACA-45 Airplane manager system
RDS EWS-B35 Ordnance Management Suite
RDS AOD-R2 Datalink

Defense systems:

RDS BRJ-29 Multipurpose built-in jammer
2x RDS DDS-F65 Flares
2x RDS DDS-C64 Chaffs
RDS ERWS-7 Early Radar Warning System
Joint Venture SCALDYS Anti energy-ordnance softkill system
4x Joint Venture ENDYS Multipurpose laser energy shield emitter


RDS FA-3 "Hypervolatile" Fly-by-wire system
RDS Assist A.I. V7 "Kalharst"
2x Cellbash ESU-54PX Proxidite Main Battery System
3x Cellbash ESU-44 Li-ion backup power system


2x Cellbash CLAm 4.3 30mm Autocannon
6x Shikosa Skh.31 LRAAM
18x Shikosa Skh.32 JSM
2x Cellbash CLMm 50mm Coilgun (ECAC)
1x Shikosa Skh.54 AHSSM
6x Cellbash CHfm-19 Light bombs


Stall speed: ~200kmh

Top speed in 10km altitude:

1350kmh (Mach 1.1) in dry thrust
2780kmh (Mach 2.6) in wet thrust

Turn rate

AOA limiter on: ~25°/sec
AOA limiter off: ~120°/sec

Roll rate: ~200°/sec

Radar cross section: 0.1 m^2

Wing loading: ~200kg/m^2

Rate of climb: ~305m/s

TWR: +1.2 in full fuel capacity

Range: 3200km, 4000km with fuel pods

G-limit: 10+

Note: Intended performance may or may not match ingame performance.

Visual Documentations

Picture of a Velestor taken on a patrol flight

The close-up look at dual coilgun

Firing the coilgun

Activating afterburners

A closer look at Skh.54 Hypersonic cruise missile

Underside look


AG1 = AoA limiter off (Press this if you want to be more agile)
AG2 = Turn on lights
AG3 = Drop the AHSSM
Trim = Trim
Throttle beyond 90% = Afterburners

User guide and issues

The plane may flatspin when PSMing below 400kmh while also being sideways.

The plane may shake if you try to pitch when the afterburners is on, caused by the FBW over-correction.

The plane's speed, manuverability, and stability may degrade when in high altitude.


This project took me a lot of effort and time to finish, and of course there is a lot of people who helped me on this wonderful project! Those people (in no particular order)are:

DarkMarble1 for testing feedback and emotional support

Ouroboros for testing feedback and emotional support

Mastermemes for some design tips

Vapour84 for testing feedback

Mangled for some tips and tricks

OneTwo for his awesome aerodynamics tips

Trollium for his personal guide at supermanuverability

Suica for some flight model design cues

And last but not least, a MASSIVE thanks to GuyFolk for his awesome FBW code

Alright folks, thank you for checking in and enjoy this long project of mine. Maybe leave in some upvotes if you like it!


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor RAE XFS-43 Velestor
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 70.8ft (21.6m)
  • Length 97.5ft (29.7m)
  • Height 14.2ft (4.3m)
  • Empty Weight 32,709lbs (14,836kg)
  • Loaded Weight 50,659lbs (22,978kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 8.251
  • Wing Loading 40.6lbs/ft2 (198.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,247.2ft2 (115.9m2)
  • Drag Points 4226


  • Number of Parts 589
  • Control Surfaces 2
  • Performance Cost 2,808
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    11.7k Ferrolon

    Thank you for all of the upvotes and spotlights!

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    @GuyFolk it's been a while.

    Do you happen to have a discord account? I would like to personally contact you about something.

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    someone give me 30 points to upvote this masterpiece

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    @QuitePossiblyMangled that one pixel does look like a buried birb

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    XFS-43 go: DEJA VU

    totally serious an Amazing multi-role dogfighter. Better in all aspects over PW-mk1
    good job

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    In all seriousness tho it’s an amazing plane

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    Slic boi

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    More like squeezing all of it's performance and cover up all it's flaws lol.
    Such an elegance concept.

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    @GuyFolk a.k.a flying like an ace combat superplane

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    It'll fly like a dream.

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    @GuyFolk well i'll make sure to include yaw tvc next time lol

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    This is a nice plane.
    Performing PSM beautifully with low throttle.
    My only nitpick is it lacks yaw tvc code so I became tornado.😵

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    Awww I want to download this so badly but I cant im on android

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    Holy ShVAK this is cool

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