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Suzutuki65 F-14 Lowcost (Upgrade)

377 Khanskaya  4.6 years ago
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Auto Credit Based on suzutuki65's F-14 Iran air force lowcost


This is Suzutuki65's F-14 low-cost upgraded to my tastes. This is basically my speciality. I cant build to save my life but i can edit. I was gonna add navigation and anti-collision lights but I was trying to get this posted ASAP and didn't feel like doing them.


• Adjusted engine power and acceleration (removed and replaced engines)
• Removed wing sweep boost (engine would activate when the wings were swept)
• Added flare And chaff (infinite)
• Detailed Cockpit (Electro optical, maps, systems panels, HUD, etc.
• Added RIO View (Co-pilot View)
• Adjusted Pilot View angle and distance
• Changed Livery
• Repositioned and Buffed Gun
• Adjusted Payload and added additional Pylons for Cleaver long range missiles
• Added Over-wing Vapor when pitching
• Updated tailhook to base game model
• Added catapult launch bar
• Added Rear View Mirror
• Added GPWS
• Added Sound barrier vapor cone
• Added Gear Headlight


• Suzutuki65 (Aircraft)
• Leehopard (Over-wing Vapor Trick)
• (Mod creators listed below along with their mod)


AG1- N/A
AG2- Tailhook Extend/Retract
AG3- Refuel Rod Extend/Retract
AG4- Gear Headlight Active/Inactive
AG5- N/A
AG6- N/A
AG7- GWPS Active/Inactive
AG8- Diactivating disables secondary engine (the weakest one)
VTOL- Wing Sweep
TRIM- Flaps
GEAR- Gear


4x Cleaver:
     •50 Mile Range (Max)
     •5 Mile Range (Min)
     •0.05 Second Lock Time
     •90° Lock Angle

2x Guardian:
     •Default Range (Max&Min)
     •0 Second Lock Time
     •100° Lock Angle

2x Interceptor:
     •Default Range (Max&Min)
     •0.05 Second Lock Time
     •100° Lock Angle

     •Infinite Ammo

     •Ammo: 999999999
     •Muzzle Velocity 1600
     •RPS (Rounds per second) 800
     •Spread 1
     •Tracer Color C0C0C0 (silver)
     •Lifetime 99
     •Damage 99


Top Speed Loaded(??26k ft):
Average Max Sustainable AOA:


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor F-14 Iran air force lowcost
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 63.5ft (19.3m)
  • Length 62.0ft (18.9m)
  • Height 16.2ft (4.9m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 24,542lbs (11,132kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 2.38
  • Wing Loading 23.0lbs/ft2 (112.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,064.9ft2 (98.9m2)
  • Drag Points 17280


  • Number of Parts 466
  • Control Surfaces 4
  • Performance Cost 1,950

Required Mods

  • CCTV by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/20/2019 9:04:03 AM)
  • _Instrumentation by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/18/2019 6:42:24 AM)
    View Mod Page
  • GPWS by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/18/2019 7:02:27 AM)
  • Refuel by WNP78
    Version 0.95 (5/2/2017 7:41:34 PM)
  • Lights by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/20/2019 6:52:26 AM)
  • Sound Barrier Vapor Cone by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/20/2019 7:58:52 AM)
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    377 Khanskaya

    @RepublicaOfTurboAirliner id be shocked if most of those mods even work 4 years later

    +1 4 months ago
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    How You Use This Fucking Mod

    9 months ago
  • Profile image
    377 Khanskaya

    Would not advise for mobile unless you've got a strong potato, the CCTV and GPWS mods add A LOT of lag

    4.6 years ago
  • Profile image
    377 Khanskaya

    @Suzutuki65 hope you like it. I'd built this months ago but the original got deleted on my old phone. I had to rebuild it but this time I made it even better.

    4.6 years ago