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F-14 "Tomcat"

36.8k Astro12  17 days ago
Auto Credit Based on WiiMini's Skippers' Cold War Dogfight Challenge

Version for dogfight challenge (click)

It differs in a slightly different composition of weapons and in the fact that no XML was used on the weapon, so as not to break the rules.

Title : F-14 "Tomcat"
Type : multirole fighter/interceptor

short description

A supersonic fighter-interceptor with a variable sweep wing. Can be based on an aircraft carrier. With a high sweep has not very good maneuverability.

Here is a version with few weapons, so you can feel all the fun of close air combat.


Ag 1 - swing wing full back.
Ag 4 - Arresting Hook
Ag 8 - Ext Lights

Standart SP plane control.
(Seems simple isn't it?)


Integrated :
20 mm minigun.

Outboard :
AIM-9D x 4

flight performance

Top speed :
Near ground : 1700 km/h.
2500 m : 2030 km/h.
10000 m : 2200 km/h.
(In TAS)

Stall speed : 340 km/h. (with full payload, but without outboard weapons, with full flaps)
Flutter Threshold : 1800 km/h.(IAS)
Maximum achievable speed : 1970 km/h.(IAS)

Max altitude : 17000 m.

Full turnaround time :
Horizontal : N/A sec.
Vertical : N/A sec.
(Full Throttle, without afterburner and TVC, max speed on 1000m high)

some instructions

  1. Note that the maneuverability decreases as the sweep increases.
  2. The flaps only work at speeds up to 500 km/h (IAS). Fenders, spoilers and air brakes only work up to 700 km/h (IAS)
  3. There is a bug that I can not understand: sometimes in flight just fall off the instruments in the cockpit of the operator of arms. So before you fly, make sure that they are attached without any problems.


-Custom LG
-Working exhaust.
-XML missiles.
-3D cockpit.
-Working instruments in the cabin.
-Some FT.
-Custom wings.
-Custom control surfaces.
-Working wing mechanization.
-Carrier capable.


  • This craft is curated

General Characteristics


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.882
  • Wing Loading 71.3lbs/ft2 (347.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 703.7ft2 (65.4m2)
  • Drag Points 483


  • Number of Parts 306
  • Control Surfaces 2
  • Performance Cost 1,551