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Coyfish Mk I

575 lliamlegoguy  3.3 years ago

The Coyfish Mk 1 is a fast, durable intercepter. After considerable losses in the Russian air force, the Russians concluded that a light intercepter would fit the bill...

Not really, but everybody always thinks that the Russians are up to something, so it sounds like a good backstory. Have fun!


General Characteristics

  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 36.1ft (11.0m)
  • Length 49.1ft (15.0m)
  • Height 14.1ft (4.3m)
  • Empty Weight 17,649lbs (8,005kg)
  • Loaded Weight 22,967lbs (10,417kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 2.935
  • Wing Loading 46.5lbs/ft2 (227.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 493.4ft2 (45.8m2)
  • Drag Points 3434


  • Number of Parts 23
  • Control Surfaces 5
  • Performance Cost 334