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X-25 “Shark”

3,012 Fluffiboo  3.8 years ago
Auto Credit Based on LACONNE's 5 Gen Dogfight Challenge

This is still a work in progress. Supposed to be a 5th generation unmanned fighter, it has taken me quite a while to make! However it is really causing my iPad to lag and so I think I need help. I’m hoping for some powerful, light blue afterburners and light blue laser guns (and wings of course!). Ag1 and VTOL up reveals some pretty deadly weapons. I hope you can help!

General Characteristics

  • Predecessor 5 Gen Dogfight Challenge
  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 18.6ft (5.7m)
  • Length 57.4ft (17.5m)
  • Height 8.3ft (2.5m)
  • Empty Weight 28,755lbs (13,043kg)
  • Loaded Weight 34,872lbs (15,818kg)


  • Wing Loading 105.7lbs/ft2 (516.0kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 330.0ft2 (30.7m2)
  • Drag Points 6629


  • Number of Parts 334
  • Control Surfaces 4
  • Performance Cost 1,915