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AC-130U Gunship

681 Otter0308  2.3 years ago

Ac-130u gunship

The AC-130U’s call sign is spooky but is more referred to as the angle of death. The AC-130 is also the worlds biggest flying artillery gun. The spectre has 4 Allison T56-A15 Turboprops search producing 4,500hp. The AC-130U was first introduced in 1955 and retired on March 20 2020. The only gun ships still flying are the AC-130J
25mm Gatling gun
Toward the front of the plane the have the 25mm Gatling gun known as the crowd pleaser. This gun can put out 1800 rounds per minute
40mm bofors cannon
This gun is the middle gun on the plane and has been in use since ww2. This is the main gun that is used on board the aircraft. This cannon can put out up to 200 rounds per minute
10mm M105 howitzer
This is the biggest gun on board the plane and is used to take out heavy vehicles and buildings. This gun is located at the back of the plane. It can put out 6-10 rounds per minute. This gun has enough recoil to bench press 20,000 pounds
About the build
My build of the AC-130U features rato (rocket assisted take off) this is not used on the gunship but the build needed something cool.
All the guns can move and all feature a camera that moves with the gun. The 25mm Gatling gun is custom build using cannon and will spin when fired.the plane also features a auto orbit system so you can focus on taking out the desired target.
Ag1 = rato (rocket assisted take off) 240,000 pounds of thrust for 10 seconds to help assist short takeoffs (rockets may fall out after burn but will not explode)
Ag2 = auto orbit plane will circle area so you can make accurate shots at targets
VTOL = moves all guns up and down
Flight controls = all standard
10mm cannon has a 10 second firing delay
40mm cannon has a 0.5 second firing delay
Also feature unlimited flares or called angle wing flares
People who helped with this build:
Made the wolf logo on the side of the plane
Built the jato
Blackboa helped when I messed stuff up


General Characteristics

  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 162.8ft (49.6m)
  • Length 126.1ft (38.4m)
  • Height 43.4ft (13.2m)
  • Empty Weight 80,938lbs (36,712kg)
  • Loaded Weight 128,643lbs (58,351kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.052
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.155
  • Wing Loading 36.1lbs/ft2 (176.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 3,560.2ft2 (330.8m2)
  • Drag Points 13456


  • Number of Parts 1366
  • Control Surfaces 7
  • Performance Cost 3,841