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RX-10F Storyteller Gundam

2,793 InsertNameHere01  3 months ago

Comes with VR cockpit, but not tested, use at your own risk!


The RX project that I conducted over the span of maybe 2 months, was with the intention to try my hand at mech designing (very simple, but planned to have VR cockpit from the start)
After many design changes, many lost suits and re-built suits, the RX-10F is the top of the line suit to be done by me.
This prototype, given the name "Storyteller Gundam", is predecessor to some of the [Redacted] machines, that are sealed for now.
It is not detailed, nor smooth, but as a first mech test I believe its ok-ish.

I would like to credit these people, for either helping me out in development, or for stuff I've reverse engineered from them

-Ian_Yashima, which I took the leg system from (Leg system was taken and modified from their Zaku II ground type, which can be found Here), the head (which I took from their GP01 and re-made for my own design (GP01 can be found Here) And Auto-Aim system, which I extensively tweaked to fit the different suit.
-Sableric For building the Vibro Nail for me!

-Cubota, Who was an amazing test pilot, from beginning to the end of the project.

Now, onto controls!

Throttle- Walking
Trim- Set Flight Angle (can also be used to aid aiming in certain situations)
VTOL- Determine extra output of boosters
Yaw- Rotate the suit left and right
Pitch- Determine flight angle (in flight mode)
Roll- Move head (left and right), Roll(flight mode)
AG1- Arms up/Combat stance (Also engages weapons and auto-aim)
AG2- Flight mode
AG3- Eject extra armament
AG7- Open/Close Hatch
AG8- Deactivate/activate Gyros
LandingGear- Feet Magnets (Button is marked ON in cockpit, turn it off to engage them!)
Buttons, levers and generally VR controls inside cockpit are wired (Not tested in VR mode!), and some are customs that are there only if you wish to do extreme stuff (like drop backpack and such)

I would suggest taking it slowly, until you get used to controls!

This will also be a goodbye from me, for the near future. Life is not gonna wait for me to improve and finish projects in SP, and University is right around the corner. It was my pleasure, take care!


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 24.5ft (7.5m)
  • Length 13.0ft (4.0m)
  • Height 38.7ft (11.8m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 8,649lbs (3,923kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 24.163
  • Wing Loading N/A
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 1179


  • Number of Parts 382
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 2,437
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    I've Updated the RX's frame with the new prototype coding that is tested on RGM project, expect less stiff and more mobile suit!

    Re-download it to get the updated XML variant!

    And take it easy, its more agile compared to before, so be cautious!

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    If I missed any of the requested tags, I am very sorry!

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    I am sorry that it is not the suit that i posted pictures about in earlier posts, but i am out of time, and this will have to do!

    If I've forgotten any credit, or Ian wishes me to remove the suit from the site due to reverse engineering, let me know!

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    @V No problem, and thanks!

    2 months ago
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    31.2k V

    This will be curated soon, but none of us have access to our headsets at the moment so we cannot press the button to do so

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    1,249 uden10

    @InsertNameHere01 Nevermind, totally forgot that I commented on an older teaser of yours.

    3 months ago
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    @uden10 Sorry, perhaps got mixed up while writing the description and checking the old teasers, hope you atleast enjoy it!

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    1,249 uden10

    Cool. Don't know why I was tagged but great work!

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