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Hammers buggy wheelie+ updates for 1st car(An2k)

923 An2k  3 months ago

Update for the 1st vehicle.this will still be an ongoing W.I.P have put a lotta features most are for fun like wheelie mode, 3-variable accelerations on engine, toggle rear/front steer..pivot turn...signal lights..carhorn..etc...any Feedback and Suggestions needed to help me improve the build.
short control description (more details below)
•Pitch (UP/Down)-------->move Forward/Reverse
•Roll(Left/Right)--->front normal steering as default
•Yaw (Left/Right)--------> CrabSteering or LineChange
•Brake ---------------------------> Brake-flipped
•Default accelerationmediumor use as boost to AG1
•AG1---->Slow acceleration
•AG2---->Max accelerationor use as boost to AG1|AG 0
•AG3----->Car Horn--beep beep
•AG4----->Toggle Front/Rear Steering
•AG5----->Toggle Enable Wheelie Mode
CounterMeasures ammo set to 0 but can be used as a button
(hold) CounterMeasuresONLY ->GYRO(hold)-flipped
(hold) CounterMeasures+Pitch(up/dwn)-->BOOST
(hold) CounterMeasures +AG5 ON+PitchUP---------------------------------------------->Wheelie
(hold) CounterMeasures +Roll --->Pivot steer

When not moving steer in place

•AG6 ---> NOTHING(reserved)
•AG7----->Toggle HeadLights ON/OFF
•AG8----->signal light ON/OFF
•LandingGear---->up/down Slope Grips
•TRIM -----------------> Raise/Lower Front bumper

From first car to this
@edensk on help on forum
@jamesPLANESii on help on forum also on how to edit field of view
@Bogdanx for your codes on limiting top speed
@randomusername for your codes on limiting top speed and help on forums
@singularmuon for that project titled almost ackermann steering
@Armyguy1534 on forums
Manage to tune down veering off to 1 degree (heading 000 to 359 at max speed from airport spawn start to runway end almost straight thanks for the help
Movement, Features

Save Manuever: sidewall (when flip on side) i prefer using AG4 rear steer...point wheels to the ground and use AG2 max ..hold pitch forward to spin till upright
Trick manuever Moonwalk: AG2 max speed to gain enough speed--->Brake hard immediately reverse pitch when the front end goes down to raise backend try to sustain ..(i find it hard to sustain but seems possible on build)
Donut(crappy version) prefer use of AG4 and pitch up.. i dont know how its done proper hence this

NOTE to self tweaks and improvement for next update

(make suspension springs softer next update)
(have a very slow speed for crawling)
(more suspension articulation for crawling)
(make GYRO auto level turn-off while boosting CM...
during pitch input.. like in 1st car)

Control and function details

(note: GYRO not ON as default) (CounterMeasures ammo set to 0 but can be used as a button)

LaunchCounterMeasures ONLY --------------------->(keep GYRO held till up right) when flipped or level car while on air (Dont use while on mountain side) (conditions as long as CM is held level car)

LaunchCounterMeasures+Pitch(up/dwn)----->BOOST To Default and AG speeds (used MAX acceleration)(edit: reminder to self: make auto level turn-off while boosting CM during pitch input.. like in first car ..forgot about this one during upload)

LaunchCounterMeasure when AG5 active or that with +PitchUP-------->Wheelie can also be used in righting-up when flipped (Used GYRO) (that wierd RearBumper serves as a wheelie bar during wheelie)

LaunchCounterMeasure+Roll ------------------->Pivot steer in place(used GYRO) preferrably use while on a complete stop for lining up (roll steering movement is disabled during pivot)

Pitch (UP/Down)--------> move Forward/Reverse (FT in this one is modified acceleration rather than speedlimit)
(I used IF else w/3 conditions like before but with the modified steering code code to pitch)

Roll (Left/Right)--------> (front normal steering as default..toggle to rear steering via ActivateGroup4)
(front steering angle is limited used FTcode named "almost AckermannSteering" )
(rear steering angle is much larger for tight turns & in attempts on donuts and that "SideWall" righting-up manuever)

Yaw (Left/Right)--------> CrabSteering or LineChange (can be used together with RollSteering) (idk why it does a drift-like movement)

Brake ---------------------------> Brake and opens Airbrakes (lols) a.k.a. Doors and Top
(can also be used to recover when car belly ups or on it's will flip up via airbrakes may damage car when brake too hard) (btw rear airbrake open automatic on pitchangle greater than 22 as i recal ..set up to point back front end down during jumps can also a visual indicator if car on a steep incline sometimes i forget im already on a mountain side.
you can also use ReversePitch to slow down in increments then Brake. Also notice those airbrake a.k.a. "doors" get small when opened must be the effect of scaling

Default Acceleration medium -->(from default spawn on wright 22secs to reach end of wright's runway & speed 301 kph)
(heading: from 000 to 359 veer 1degree to left )
(condition: None of AG1 or AG2 active & launchecountermeasure not held)

AG1---->Slow acceleration ---------->(50secs to reach end of wright's runway & speed 139kph)
(condition: AG1 is active & launchecountermeasure not held)
(when on steep mountainside ...for more power toggle off AG1 instead of using AG2/countermeasures Boost)

AG2---->Max acceleration-----------> (condition: AG2 or AG1+AG2 active or launchecountermeasure is held)
(12-14 secs to reach end of wright's runway topped the speed at 507kph also veer 1° to left)

AG3----->Car Horn ----------------------> (double tap or Leave-On (used a Winch ...can be annoying & not tested if how long it last)

AG4----->Toggle Front/RearSteering OFF= frontsteering ON=RearSteering (made both zero on deactivate)

AG5----->Toggle Enable Wheelie
AG6 ---> NOTHING(reserved) (planned feature gave me issues right about time of publish so removed)
AG7----->Toggle HeadLights ON/OFF
AG8-----> Default signal light ON Deactivate=OFF Brake(Red), Steering by Roll(Yellow) Crabsteer by Yaw(White)
(during reverse crab steer light is switched now. but car tends to do a drift which complicate result)
(plan to make front signal light work only during forwards ABANDONED)
(plan to make yellow signal to work during going backward without input ABANDONED)(cuz of randomness)

LandingGear -------------------> lower/raise "Slope Grips" Deactivated= Lower Active= Raise
(will not lower down if speed is greater than 13kph)
(If Deactivated and speed is high it will auto lower when u slowdown enough by braking)
(recommending brake first and lower down grip manually)
(grips are hemispheres with a lotta LOT friction ..ghost thru contact on terrain may result in KABOom)
(below PitchAngle 40..on debugger ) no grip on ICE ...not tested enough how much pitch angle it can take till it losses grip)

TRIM -----------------------------------> Raise/Lower Front bumper raise it to max ...make front wheels contact steep wall or on jump landings
(remnant of attempt melle weapon on bumper)

name of the image

name of the image


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 6.7ft (2.0m)
  • Length 10.8ft (3.3m)
  • Height 5.4ft (1.7m)
  • Empty Weight 4,336lbs (1,966kg)
  • Loaded Weight 4,690lbs (2,127kg)


  • Wing Loading 439,839.3lbs/ft2 (2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 2269


  • Number of Parts 77
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    10.1k Hellosss38

    No it’s really good love what you make so keep it on

    +1 2 months ago
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    923 An2k

    @DClass anyways have you seen any thing like a bug or recommendation on the car build? TY in advance

    2 months ago
  • Profile image
    10.1k Hellosss38

    Oh nice

    2 months ago
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    923 An2k

    @DClass oh ..on android ...on 3rd screenshot and suceeding ones quickly spam tap the take another button on top right..adjust screenshot and before hitting done be ready to spam again...not timed correctly SP wont let you take another. seem possible you can take more than 6 but havent tried

    2 months ago
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    10.1k Hellosss38

    How did you get 6 picture’s

    2 months ago
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    923 An2k

    @Mikey101234 by bar you mean the frontbumper?first I thought it will be that slope grip will be an issue Thanks will test it ..anymore issues do tell imma make improvements for next update

    3 months ago
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    1,960 Mikey101234

    @An2k I have not found any bugs except with the bar in the front, I just fell from a high place with trim all the way up, but I am baffled with the amount of functions this thing has with the amount of parts

    3 months ago
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    923 An2k

    @Mikey101234 wut....have you found any issue with the build? needed some feedback

    3 months ago
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    1,960 Mikey101234

    ... Wut

    3 months ago
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    923 An2k

    Bloody heck this is a pain in the a$$ to build for a newbie builder like me.. first veering off to left by a lot (cant even stay on runway) done suggestions and fixed it found out it not only dragglitch but weight and suspension connections to make it stiffer finally got it to almost straight veering 1 degree heading (from wright spawn point to runway end)and then troubles wth FT and about to upload then finding another issue so delay then delay ...thanks for the help manage to solve most of them
    @edensk on help on forum
    @jamesPLANESii on help on forum also on how to edit field of view yeah this view is better have to figure out devconsole
    @Bogdanx for your codes on limiting top speed
    @randomusername for your codes on limiting top speed and help on forums
    @singularmuon for that project titled almost ackermann steering
    @Armyguy1534 on forums

    3 months ago