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S-383R Yamai

7,212 XiaoPiao141  1.6 years ago

Indonesia Aerospace presents

But first to all

Happy Birthday to . . .. Anyway Sorry for the late post XD

"Yamai-san is aggressive"

Based on Pan Spatial's KILLSWITCH

The first aircraft from the Teyvat Project

By the thousand winds

S-383R Yamai Yandere of the Skies

A first fighter plane that can chase the 'Loading Memories' over Mach +10. With the help of the thousand winds, This aircraft can fly without breaking its airframe.

it took almost 3 months to gimmick and made VR compatible with this plane since this I have had to gimmick the cockpit part and made a ton of details

But there's a feature that makes you ultimately shocked

The Holy maneuver by Venti Engines

This Engine has built-in Thrust Vectoring and also with the AoA Killer was Built especially by the Holy Lyre Gyroscope so it's easy to maneuver at Hypersonic speeds.

The Story Behind the Development and Remastering

Since the breaking news about the JSF, there's a fictional aircraft company that wants to share the blueprint of the plane. Since the company was not from the West, we welcomed them and share the blueprints. Again and again, they have to do this since the west (including TFX) has enlarged their space to their country and they have no choice, Give all the planes and blueprints to Hatsune Miku, or they're all dead and all the planes stolen and proclaimed by herself. Just 2 days after (Since they gave the concept plane and we redesigned the cockpit from its prototype), the IA made the plane and was tested by Russian aggressive pilots. And the results were very astonishingly beautiful, The maneuvers, avionics, and combat were 11 out of 10 by Russians. And It was first deployed to the one city in Teyvat called Mondstadt. It's a city worshiping the Barbatos as their god of winds that protects the city from Stormterror. Just a week after the first deployment, there was a big plane entering the airspace, and it was a 'Loading Memories' that speedrunning to over Mach 15. But at the moment the winds slowed it down to less than Mach 5 so it was easy to be intercepted by some Yandere pilot out there. Since the 'Loading Memories' has very slow maneuvering at high speed and the thrust vector is still turned on during the flight, it's an easy task to shoot the chungus to pieces. When it was reported to the IA factory, it was a big shockwave across the country and the campaign still don't notice about that so it was easy to make them as secret as possible.


Name: S-383R Yamai
NATO Code: Classified
Generation: 5+ to 9++
Max Alt: approx. 70.000m
Max Speed: M 10.9
Power plant: 2x Venti Turbofan with scramjet


AIO Tilt-proof gun

10x A-134 Pregnax [NEW](Since the explosion can grow bigger)
20x Firework Missile [NEW]
64x BML-U SPAM Missile

Actions {Tooltip} [Switch text]
1: Engage The scramjet and hypersonic mode {Yandere Mode} [Y-MODE]
2: XTurn {AoA Killer} [AOA KILLER]
3: Arm A-134 [Arm A-134} [ARM-A134]
4: VTOL Mode {VTOL} [VTOL]
5: Canopy [CANOPY]
7: Arm Firework Missile [ARM_FM]
8: RCN for easy recovery [RCN]

Some Pics



General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 42.1ft (12.8m)
  • Length 67.8ft (20.7m)
  • Height 14.3ft (4.4m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 34,270lbs (15,544kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 212.468
  • Wing Loading 21.7lbs/ft2 (105.7kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,582.3ft2 (147.0m2)
  • Drag Points 1836


  • Number of Parts 497
  • Control Surfaces 5
  • Performance Cost 2,681
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    36.1k Hitingxt

    Kill Switch

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    amazing work! an Indonesian never fails to make things astonishing. (i'm also Indonesian)

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    Snowman turn on the killswitch on those bogeys at 9 o clock

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    300 Laggy

    I will download it, but it offends me greatly

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    ohhh its the "Kill Switch"

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    7,212 XiaoPiao141

    @IAlsoBuildPlane i have no idea

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    Pan spatial killswitch

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    @MrCOPTY Insomnia*

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