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Daslan Delta

27.1k DwiAngkasaAeronautics  one month ago
Auto Credit Based on Walvis's Remaster Challenge [CLOSED]

So I have this old account, made 6 years ago. It is my first experience with this game. I still use a phone to play the game and heck, even I didn't buy it (yes I pirated it). After a couple of months of playing, I just uninstalled it and forgot about it, including the account. A couple times ago, I remembered about this old account's existence and try to log in but alas, idk the pass, until recently. I can log in to my 6 y/o account! yay! And I have an idea of remastering my very first uploaded plane.
I was really wanted to upvote every build using that acc but decided not to, but tempting indeed.


DwiAngkasaAeronautics present:

Daslan Delta Interceptor-Attacker


We decided to convert an interceptor to a tactical fighter role for ground attack, utilizing its high thrust and speed to break enemy defenses using the low and fast methods at the very start of the war. It follows the same doctrine as F-16 XL and mirage 5.

Design and Description

Daslan Delta is a supersonic single-seat single-engine interceptor-ground attacker or the official called it "tactical strike-interceptor" fighter jet. The original frame is an interceptor that boast high thrust and by that, asumed could carry heavy ground attack load. After the test, despite having a delta wing, it performed quite well for ground attack role. As it is an interceptor and ground attack, it probably best not to engage a dogfight as it only could pull 7G, but still a formidable fighter as it carry IR missile.

as in the original airframe, we use Delta I, 6 years old design as a base for our build


  • Interdictor
  • Close air support
  • Interceptor


  • 2 x GBL-25 Laser guided bomb
  • 6 x AGM-35 Malaka
  • 2 x Sidewinder MK III
  • 2 x 30mm cannon


- Some original 6 years old part

the wing, some of the fuselage, and inlet are the original, it's 6 years old. There's nothing special about it other than the age. Not for me tho, I like old stuff, a relics they are

- Targeting Pod

Will track enemy, have a reticle. Note: Please use Zoom mod or low FOV, otherwise its just looked wierd


  • AG1: Toggle Afterburner
  • AG6: Toggle SINTREX targeting pod
  • AG7: Toggle airbrakes
  • AG8: Toggle canopy
  • Trim: Trim
  • VTOL: Flaps

Weapon Briefing:

- GBL-25 Laser Guided Bomb

A guidance kit that turns dumb bomb into smart bomb. Design inspired by Ukrainian 'Adros' BAU-01K laser/GPS guidance kit. Have fin that will unfold. The warhead itself is 500kg bomb based on boomb 25. Remember, this is an unpowered guided bomb. Dont launch it on weird angle. Preferably engage in target in open field.
- Operational range: 10 km
- Max targeting angle: 35
- Guidance: laser
- Weight: 526 kg

- AGM-35 Malaka

Air to ground missile for close air support and tactical target. Comparable to AGM-65 Maverick.
- Operational range: 35 km
- Max targeting angle: 35
- Max Speed: Mach .9
- Guidance: GPS, Inertial
- Weight: 276 kg

- Sidewinder MK III

Short air to air missile made by RamboJutter. A self-defense weapon.

Operational range: 8 km
Max targeting angle: 70
Guidance: IR

- BVR-7 Axehead

Medium range air-to-air missile. Named "axehead" because looks like one. For interception. Available at interceptor variant. Comparable to Vympel R-27 and AIM-7 Sparrow
Operational range: 70 km
Max targeting angle: 30
Guidance: Active Homing
Max speed: Mach 3.5

- SINTREX Targeting Pod

Not a weapon, but it is a device to help marking the target. Functional as it could lock the target. Could be used in situations where pointing the nose to the target is dangerous. abbreviation from Sistem Penargetan Eksternal (Indonesian for eksternal targeting system). Note: Please use Zoom mod or low FOV, otherwise its just looked weird
AG6 to activate the moving motor

Other variant:

Interceptor (click me or click the image)


  • Feel free to take the missile
  • I use high physics when building this so try to fly it using the same
  • It barely take-off I know. Trim will help

Used Creation Credits:
- Radar by MrShenanigansSP
- Sidewinder missile by RamboJutter
- Modified engine, original by KGCheater


Pov border guard at the very start of the war

Author note

I think I put more effort than I planned before lol.

side by side

P.S. whoever dev that decided to put cannon on SP, congrats, you sold me to buy the game


vErY vErY hIgH sEnSiTiVe PlAnE, bitch it cannot fly

Frantic do some video about this. Check him out! : Link


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Remaster Challenge [CLOSED]
  • Successors 2 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 34.9ft (10.6m)
  • Length 49.5ft (15.1m)
  • Height 16.6ft (5.1m)
  • Empty Weight 20,930lbs (9,494kg)
  • Loaded Weight 31,323lbs (14,208kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.693
  • Wing Loading 64.0lbs/ft2 (312.7kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 489.1ft2 (45.4m2)
  • Drag Points 650


  • Number of Parts 977
  • Control Surfaces 7
  • Performance Cost 4,213
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    Update 8/6/2022, modified GBL-25. Increased accuracy, should be more likely to hit the target

    Pinned 16 days ago
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    125 rookie123

    lol lmao

    Pinned one month ago
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    Certain people may face a problem with the left GBL guided weapon , which for some reason deviates from its path and misses the target , if u r facing that problem just go to the overload section of the missle and change the values for “proximity detonation max” and “min” to “0” and if required change the ignition delay to “0.1” this should help

    20 days ago
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    1,254 Ummmhelli

    977 parts. Lets see if my galaxy a6 can handle this (prob not)

    21 days ago
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    Can you pls make a mobile version

    one month ago
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    @MAHADI ayyy pirate gang

    one month ago
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    @IDNSatya ada inferno didalem tp maxSpeednya 0 atau INF

    one month ago
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    Tutor bikin laser guided bomb🗿 w mo bikin a10 pakek paveaway tapi gak pakek inferno/rudal

    one month ago
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    141k MAHADI

    i too downloaded a pirated version at first but then i liked the game very much so i bought it on steam

    +1 one month ago
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    @TRD6932 the detailed one is made after I made this plane

    +1 one month ago
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    4,060 TRD6932

    Hey, I noticed that the SINTREX pod on this has a less detailed view than the one you posted. Is this intentional?

    one month ago
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    4,378 epicfard

    "bitch it can not fly" lmao

    one month ago
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    @CptLiar thanks
    @MetalShaezodoonic yeah, cockpit building is not my thing

    one month ago
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    I wish this plane has hyperrealistic cockpit interaction

    one month ago
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    4,662 CptLiar

    very nice build, detail is rich and the control, weight and TWR are much realistic than other planes.

    +2 one month ago
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    delta wing hunter delta wing hunter delta wing hunter

    one month ago
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    0 Ivor23

    You probably wont believe it, but i have a little toy airplane that looks very much like your plane. But it also can be just a J35 Draken XD

    +2 one month ago
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    Definitely one of the best and coolest aircraft I’ve downloaded. Great work.

    +1 one month ago
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    @SyntheticL thanks

    one month ago
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    29.2k SyntheticL

    o-O Fascinating.

    +1 one month ago
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    @TRD6932 you know what, I think imma upload it, but I will do it later

    one month ago
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    4,060 TRD6932

    @DwiAngkasaAeronautics Can I upload the targeting pod instead? Or will you be doing it?

    one month ago
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    @TRD6932 there's the option on camera to lock missile in part properties. 'Missile Locking' from no to yes

    +1 one month ago
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    4,060 TRD6932

    @WarthogTheHog I could upload the actual targeting pod for you! But then again, DwiAngkasaAeronautics made that pod himself, so it's the honor for him to upload it instead.

    one month ago
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    4,060 TRD6932

    I wonder how you make that targeting pod actually target and lock onto something outside of the plane's locking range? I'm REALLY interested fr

    one month ago
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