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GreenCane AXDF-01 Harbinger [RWBY]

49.2k PyrrhaNikos  2.0 years ago

Warning RWBY Spoiler Ahead!

Note: Future AU


The AXDF-01 Designed By Oscar Pine, was the first of the Advanced Stealth Fighter In the Remnant, being an experimental aircraft Piloted By
Qrow Branwen and The aircraft Was named After His Weapon Harbinger, designed to test advanced weaponry. It features SRWM V-274 Dust powered Engine that can easily Outrun any Grimm Attacks, canards and Delta wing design' which would become a staple of future AXDF aircraft. and the Harbinger was classed as a Next Generation To Replace Huntsman And Huntress, The aircraft Feature a Stealth capability to be undetectable To GrimmThe material to Make the Aircraft Stealth is still Classified, and Extreme fighter agility – allows outmaneuvering through acceleration and razor-sharp turns that can out maneuver any GRIMM, The AXDF-01 Has five internal weapons bays: a large main bay on the bottom of the fuselage that can Hold 7 missiles, The Two Smaller Bays In the middle Can Hold Five Missile each, The Other Two Smaller Bays Near at Front Hold One M462 Dust infused Machine gun each,

History And Development

After The Fall Of Atlas That cause Death Toll of 90,000+ that almost the same as Fall Of Beacon That have a Death Toll Of 85,000+, The People of Remnant Starting To realize That Huntsman And Huntress Are not Enough To Protect The Four Kingdoms Against Grimm
So, Many Bright Minded People Started To Make a Weapon that More powerful Then A Fully license Huntman And One of them is Oscar Pine

8 Years Later after Fall of Atlas
Oscar Pine), Head of Green Cane designed the AXDF-01 Harbinger, using The Resources From The SDC Given By Weiss Schnee The Current Head Of the Company, for "Next Generation Protectors", With The Help From Ruby Rose Head Of Silver Rose Weapon Manufacturer ("SRWM" for short) , And Doctor Pietro Polendina Head of Advance Technology Research (ART for Short),
After The Fall Of Atlas The Council And Atlesian Military Requested for an Advanced Tactical Fighter To replace The Bullhead And the Manta. Code Named "Next Generation", this air-superiority fighter program was influenced by emerging worldwide threats, including New Species Of Grimm Monstra, It would take advantage of the new technologies in fighter design on the horizon, including composite materials, lightweight alloys, advanced flight control systems, more powerful propulsion systems, and most importantly, stealth technology. In 21XX, the ATF concept development team became the System Program Office (SPO) and managed the program at Emerald Air Force Base, Near at Newly Constructed Beacon 2 Academy.
The demonstration and validation (Dem/Val) request for proposals was issued in September 21XX, with requirements placing strong emphasis on stealth and strong emphasis on stealth and supercruise. Of the 15 bidding companies, Green Cane And ARC Air Industry were selected on 16 October 21XX, Green Cane Teamed With SRWM and ART While ARC Air Industry teamed With Mistral Aviation, and the two contractor teams undertook a 65-month Dem/Val phase, culminating in the flight test of two technology demonstrator prototypes, the AXDF-01 and the ATCF-01, respectively. Concurrently, SRWM and Mistral Aviation were awarded contracts to develop the V-274 And V-280 respectively for the ATF engine competition.

Each team produced two prototype air vehicles for Dem/Val, one for each of the two engine options. The AXDF-01 had its maiden flight on 4 December 21XX and in flight tests achieved up to Mach 2.8 in supercruise. After the Dem/Val flight test of the prototypes, on 7 April 21XX, The General Of Atlas Military Winter Schnee announced the Green Cane team and SRWM as the winners of the ATF and engine competitions.The ATCF-01 design was considered faster But Not Stealthy, while the AXDF-01, with its Canards, was more maneuverable as well as less expensive and was Better Stealth capability,


  • x2 M462 Dust infused Machine Gun
  • x5 MK-8 Lighting Dust
  • x4 MK-6 Fire Dust
  • x4 MK-15 Fire Dust
  • x4 ARD-12 Ice Dust


  • Maximum Speed: 2200+MPH
    (But in Game Is only 800+ Because it kinda start Glitching Out I don't know why)
  • Stall Speed: 101MPH
  • Range : 4,000km

General characteristics

  • Crew : 1
  • Empty weight : 15,557ibs
  • Gross weight : 22,647Ibs
  • Max takeoff weight: 35,000ibs
  • Powerplant : x2 SRWM V-274 Dust powered Engine


  • Roll Pitch And yaw are normal
  • AG1 : Open Weapons Bay
    That all really I'm not creative Enough to Put more.... like ya know


Based On

The Plane Color Scheme Are Based on Qrow Harbinger

Please Don't Forget To Upvotes it help me to Encouragement Build more aircraft

By the why The Description Are Future Alternate Universe That why is different from the show


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 30.5ft (9.3m)
  • Length 44.3ft (13.5m)
  • Height 7.7ft (2.3m)
  • Empty Weight 15,557lbs (7,056kg)
  • Loaded Weight 22,647lbs (10,272kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.786
  • Wing Loading 27.0lbs/ft2 (131.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 838.2ft2 (77.9m2)
  • Drag Points 347


  • Number of Parts 840
  • Control Surfaces 8
  • Performance Cost 3,378
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    49.2k PyrrhaNikos

    By the way this my First Fictional aircraft with Fictional Description so Please I apologise For bad description
    Note: if wondering who I am is me NightmareCorporation just changed the name
    Edit: yes the description are based on F-22

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    2,502 FiveN

    Looks hawt. love the pattern

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    Nice thrusters!

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    @Homemade1 me: what if i just hand drawn my own original character, no one would argue its misleading :p

    I have a point why mine is not misleading though, my ships and planes were Anima's or Shipboys/Shipgirls, so if i want to get people an idea of how they looks i may as well draw them, the Anima's, instead just being a computer program, i want them to be interactable via 3D holographic projector, and mine does serve the said purpose

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    @rexrexThezion meanwhile you also forgot that majority of my Anima or "Ships" are also Boys, but mine is hand drawn or digitally drawn by me

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    32.2k Bernkastel

    My thumbnail style! I like how you can manage to do my three-striped style

    Nice build anyways

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    @rexrexThezion I know, I know... it is possible.

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    31.1k rexzion

    anime boy
    how is this possible
    I'm literally shaking and crying rn

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    4,682 Gluck

    This goes in the face of everyone that hates anime thumbnails lol
    Looks absolutely fabulous, can't wait to test

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    SP web : use anime character are missleading the thumbnail!
    Some user : how about i put it anyway...ON HIGH QUALITY CRAFT HECK YEAH!!!!!!!

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    2,066 KingOog000


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