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T-21K (Happy Cirno Day!)

19.0k QuitePossiblyMangled  9 months ago
Auto Credit Based on Typhoon03's Export Tank 2.0

Happy Cirno day everyone!

The T-21 Kori is a purpose built export MBT to provide nations in need with a modern, reliable, and cost effective main battle tank capable of holding its own against next generation MBTs. Highly customizable and modular, the T-21 is able to be tailored to the needs of a 21st century armor force. With all this coming in at least 3 million usd, the T-21 is the perfect choice for nations looking to modernize their military.

The T-21 is armed with a stabilized 130mm ETC smoothbore cannon and autoloader, allowing it to reach 8 rounds per minute. It is capable of firing a wide variety of rounds, including a 1 meter tungsten APFSDS capable of penetrating over 1 meter of armor from 2 km away. The T-21 is also equipped with 1 30mm RCWS and 2 12.7mm machine guns (One located in the turret and one equipped on a RCWS). Along with this, the T-21 is able to fire AGTMs from it’s gun and is equipped with 40mm multi use smoke grenades located around its turret.

The T-21 is equipped with a modular armor system. The turret is made up in four parts:
-the base turret,
-frontal turret armor
-turret addon armor
-rear turret module

While the hull is split into three parts:
-crew capsule
-turret capsule
-engine capsule.

This modularity allows the T-21 to be custom tailored to the needs of the nation’s military along with allowing easy upgrading of parts and systems. In it’s base model, the T-21 is NBC protected and is equipped with NGMCA, or Next Gen Modular Composite Armor. NGMCA incorporates nano ceramic tiles, silicon carbide, Aluminium-Titanium alloys, nanometric steels, and depleted uranium in the uparmored module. NGMCA is also supported by ERA similar to Relikt, addon composite sheets, slat armor, and APS to further increase the protection of the armor.

Specs (T-21K):
-Mass: 57 tonnes
-Length: 4.9m
-Width: 11.4m
-Height: 3m
-Crew: 3
-Armor: NGMCA
-Armament: 130mm ETC (44 rounds with 32 of them in autoloader)
-Secondary Armament: 1x 12.7mm machine gun (in turret), 1x 30mm RCWS, 1x 12.7mm RCWS
-Engine: 2000hp multifuel diesel
-Power to Weight: 31.8
-Transmission: 12 speed automatic gearbox
-Operational Range: 550km (Without external fuel tanks)
-Maximum Speed: 80km/h (Forward and back)

-WASD to drive
-VTOL to move turret and rcws
-Trim to adjust elevation of weapons

-Act 1 to allow RCWS movement

What is Cirno day:
Cirno day is the strongest day of the entire year, occurring every year on the 252nd day of the year (September 9th). Cirno is the strongest character in touhou, who is often represented by the nine ball (9). If you add the numbers of the day together, you get 9 (2+5+2). September 9th is also 09/09. This makes it the strongest day of the year.

Reimu's gohei (not to scale):

EOSD shot:

Cirno’s 9 and wings:


Final notes:
This is my first successful attempt at making a mbt. I think it turned out great and I had a lot of fun building it. Thanks to Kerlon for his constant help and knowledge of tank designs, typhoon for adding the tracks, and lota for the screenshots. And as always, have a great day or not, the choice is yours.

Have a great Cirno Day!


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Export Tank 2.0
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 16.0ft (4.9m)
  • Length 41.7ft (12.7m)
  • Height 15.4ft (4.7m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 54,281lbs (24,621kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.745
  • Wing Loading 3,361.9lbs/ft2 (16,414.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 16.1ft2 (1.5m2)
  • Drag Points 10275


  • Number of Parts 1446
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 4,068

Required Mods

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    I’m a retard and forgot to thank @Quec for the antennaes. Thank you @Quec!

    Pinned 9 months ago
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    14.3k Dragoranos

    I don't know anything about "Touhou", but this tank is really cool!

    ("mobile friendly" with 1446 parts)

    6 months ago
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    You can see Touhou everywhere laugh

    7 months ago
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    How it can be mobile friendly

    +1 8 months ago
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    17.8k AtlasSP

    wow the tank is so detailed

    9 months ago
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    86.2k Inuyasha8215

    @SimplyPlain Tell me you never played Touhou without telling me you never played Touhou.

    +3 9 months ago
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    9 months ago
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    @FumoMarisa ...

    why must you

    9 months ago
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    Sent request to you @ShinyGemsBro

    9 months ago
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    8,215 ShinyGemsBro

    @CirnoFumo ShinyGemsBro#6416

    9 months ago
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    Do you have a discord account? @ShinyGemsBro

    9 months ago
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    There is no real connection, rather it can be considered more a skin or livery for a vehicle. I did this as a way to celebrate a joke holiday. @SimplyPlain

    9 months ago
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    8,215 ShinyGemsBro

    The Tactical Forces Military Global Ground Combat branch is interested in purchasing 25 units for testing. If the tank meets criteria, we will contact you again for discussing about granting production contract to this arms company for the TFMGGC
    -Tactical Forces Military Central Command

    9 months ago
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    78.4k SimplyPlain

    Quick question: not being Asian, I always fail to see the connection between cartoon schoolgirls and tanks/planes/battleships. Come to think of it, I fail to see the point of cartoon schoolgirls -period. Can anyone offer some insights..?
    Other than that: cool build!

    +3 9 months ago
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    The hull of the tank is “inspired” by the Armata while the turret is inspired by the T-90M turret @LittleJerry

    9 months ago
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    11.6k beenz

    looks like an armata

    9 months ago
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    It would make the post too strong @AndroidUser015

    9 months ago
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    12.9k ARU556

    I was expecting Fumo posting on the desc

    9 months ago
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    12.8k Quec

    Nice antennas

    9 months ago
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    22.4k JuanNotAnAlt

    Means my neighbor's girl is gonna get
    oh sh*t!

    +4 9 months ago
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    13.0k FumoMarisa

    girls who wear skirts are easier to get pregnant

    +4 9 months ago
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    Speeeeeed @MRpingouin

    9 months ago
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    9 months ago
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