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One of five aircraft types carried by the zeppelin Inconstant, the Gorcrow is a twin-engined medium bomber, able to carry a hefty load of bombs or a trio of air-to-air torpedoes on underwing racks. She features one centerline defensive position, and turrets at the back of each engine nacelle.

General Characteristics

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  • Wingspan 78.6ft (24.0m)
  • Length 44.3ft (13.5m)
  • Height 12.6ft (3.8m)
  • Empty Weight 7,134lbs (3,235kg)
  • Loaded Weight 26,859lbs (12,183kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.052
  • Wing Loading 58.6lbs/ft2 (286.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 458.3ft2 (42.6m2)
  • Drag Points 4573


  • Number of Parts 69
  • Control Surfaces 5
  • Performance Cost 583