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North American B-25J-25-NC Mitchell "God and Country"

16.5k HuskyDynamics01  one month ago
Auto Credit Based on Aghsan22's B-25J Mitchell


The ultimate version of the Mitchell, the B-25J was built as a mix of the earlier B-25D and B-25H. It operated as both a medium bomber and strafer, and performed admirably in either role, gaining a reputation for being both durable and easy to fly.


  • Special livery and nose art depicting B-25J-25-NC God and Country (see below)
  • Selectable automatic/manual individual turret control
  • Accurate (slightly simplified) cockpit instrument panel (based on the FlightGear B-25J)


VTOL: Flaps
Trim: Trim

AG 1: Bomb bay doors
AG 2: Top turret arm/safe
AG 3: Top turret auto mode
AG 4: Tail turret arm/safe
AG 5: Tail turret auto mode
AG 6: Nose turret arm/safe
AG 7: Nose turret auto mode


This aircraft depicts a civil-registered B-25J (44-30823) in the markings it has worn from late 2013 to today. Delivered on March 1, 1945 to Turner Field, Georgia, the aircraft was almost immediately deemed excess to needs and was placed in base reserve. It was shuffled around between various airfields within the United States over the next several years, before being transferred to Lowry AFB in August 1947, serving there as a staff transport and trainer until July 1952. Assigned to Lackland AFB in 1952, 823 again found service as a transport and utility aircraft for the next six years. In September 1958, the aircraft suffered a landing gear malfunction while taxiing, and the resulting damage was sufficient for the aircraft to be declared surplus on site.

The damaged aircraft was sold to Wenatchee Air Services of Yakima, WA (for all of $835!). The necessary repairs were made, and the B-25 received the civil registration N1042B. In 1962, the aircraft was sold to Tallmantz Aviation and converted to a camera ship, being used for numerous film projects including "Catch 22", "Around the World in 80 Days", and "Memphis Belle" (the latter under the ownership of Universal Aviation), among others. In 1996, the aircraft was sold to World Jet Inc., and restoration work began.

Restored by Tom Reilly, the aircraft was initially flown as Girls Rule, but was renamed Top Secret by the early 2000s. Purchased in late 2002 by Jim Terry, the aircraft was re-restored as Pacific Prowler, wearing the registration number 29710. The B-25J wore this paint scheme for over a decade, before being sold to the Mid America Flight Museum in the fall of 2013. The aircraft currently flies with the Texas-based museum as God and Country, in otherwise similar markings to those it wore as Pacific Prowler.

Image credit: Mid America Flight Museum


  • New nose framing and nose turret
  • Reshaped dorsal turret
  • Automatic turret aiming
  • Redesigned instrument panel
  • Automatic bombardier camera tilt
  • Landing gear doors
  • Anti-glare panels and deicing boots
  • New rudders
  • Adjusted flight performance



  • The B-25J's two waist guns are not included in this replica, primarily to reduce part count. This gives the aircraft a total of 11 guns (9 of which are, or can be, oriented forward for strafing).
  • Be careful when using the dorsal turret (especially in automatic mode), as there are no fire interrupters protecting the propellers or tail.
  • The flight model of this aircraft has been calibrated to allow for takeoff from the USS Tiny (Doolittle-style), provided the aircraft is turned slightly to the left to clear the carrier's bridge.

579 Part Generic Version


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor B-25J Mitchell
  • Successors 2 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 68.5ft (20.9m)
  • Length 57.8ft (17.6m)
  • Height 15.9ft (4.8m)
  • Empty Weight 25,421lbs (11,530kg)
  • Loaded Weight 33,457lbs (15,176kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.101
  • Wing Loading 22.0lbs/ft2 (107.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,523.1ft2 (141.5m2)
  • Drag Points 2659


  • Number of Parts 676
  • Control Surfaces 10
  • Performance Cost 3,067
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    The God and Country nose art was recreated by me based on several images of the aircraft last year, when I was making a livery of this aircraft for FlightGear. Please do not re-use this nose art without permission, as it took me a great deal of time to recreate.

    Also, this plane is nowhere near detailed enough to require it but here's a WWII B-25 training film for anyone who's interested!

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    ive had so much fun with that in beamng

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    This plane is good

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    @HuskyDynamics01 beamng drive

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    Yup probably I’m exhausted @HuskyDynamics01

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    @Dragoranos It's a bit hard to explain in words, but it uses fuselage cutting to get the rounded shape, so the fuselages for the blue parts of the roundels are oriented facing forward/backward instead of out to the sides.

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    @ThePIanePerson Did you miss the "Credits" section of the description?

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    277 imunsure

    I enjoy the aircraft, I added my own autopilot, because I’m to lazy to keep on correcting my path when gunning down aircrafts!

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    17.5k Dragoranos

    Real good livery

    what is the curved insignia technique
    My phone is so trash i cant see it

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    22.2k MrCOPTY

    @HuskyDynamics01 20 Upvote, Congrats.

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    Nice but leave other credit than the auto credit?

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