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F-5E Tiger II

17.2k ReinMcDeer  3 months ago

Northrop F-5E Tiger II
Country of Origin: United States of America
Role: Light Fighter
Crew: 1
Armament: 2x 20mm M39A2 Revolver Cannon
Payload: 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder, 4x General Purpose Bomb
Alt.Config.1: 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder
Alt.Config.2: 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder, 4x LAU-68 Hydra 70 Rocket Pod
(Alternate configurations are unlisted.)
Livery: Special USAF 527th Aggressor Squadron

Normal Throttle/Pitch/Roll/Yaw/Landing Gear
Fire Guns: Fire 2x M39A2
AG1: Lights
AG2: Arrestor Hook
AG3: Drag Chute
Hardpoint activation groups are numbered from the wingtip to fuselage.
AG4: Wingtip Hardpoint AIM-9 Manual Release
AG5: Wing Hardpoint 1 Bomb Release
AG6: Wing Hardpoint 2 Bomb Release
AG7: Fuselage Center Hardpoint Drop Tank Release
VTOL: Elevator Adjustment (Inverted)
Trim: Flaps (Inverted)
Cam1: Left Wing Cam
Cam2: Right Wing Cam

Author's Notes
- The in-game autopilot does not like this plane
- The fuel on this plane is unlimited
- The ammo on the gun is unlimited

In-Game Name (For Reference): [RD] F-5E


General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 27.7ft (8.4m)
  • Length 47.7ft (14.5m)
  • Height 13.9ft (4.2m)
  • Empty Weight 11,321lbs (5,135kg)
  • Loaded Weight 11,908lbs (5,401kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 5.661
  • Wing Loading 13.1lbs/ft2 (63.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 909.9ft2 (84.5m2)
  • Drag Points 1995


  • Number of Parts 212
  • Control Surfaces 13
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    1,415 Levihugs

    please make an a4 Skyhawk in the top gun liveries!

    one month ago
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    14.4k AzureCorp

    Holy crap! This is awesome! Thank you so much!

    +1 3 months ago
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    Pls make su 30

    +1 3 months ago
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    Blows the crap out of my F-5. It actually handles reasonably for a light fighter - though the roll rate could be a little faster. Looks great with the simulated aggressor camo. I don't have any major complaints; you keep knocking these planes out of the park with smooth handling and a good looking build. The alternate configs are nice too

    +2 3 months ago
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    440 hRmm

    finnaly a good f-5e

    3 months ago
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    19.8k rexzion


    3 months ago
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    22.0k ALRX

    @ReinMcDeer ur welcome :)

    3 months ago
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    17.2k ReinMcDeer

    @ALRX Thanks!

    +1 3 months ago
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    22.0k ALRX

    Simple yet stylish, keep up the good work :)

    3 months ago
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    F/A-50 next please

    +2 3 months ago