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VHM H-35 Avalanche

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My 2nd helicopter!


Hey guys im back with my second helicopter, now its Heavy Lift Helicopter UwU. Before download, i need you to read the description


Same as previous helicopter, this helicopter also fictional but based on real helicopter.



VHM H-35 Avalanche is an Heavy Lift Helicopter and Transport Helicopter designed by VHM for Atlantian Republic National Army during war with Federation of Georussean (Previously known as Slavian Federation)


"Avalanche designed for Atlantian Republic National Army (ARNA) used to be Heavy Lift and Transport Helicopter, with Winch and Magnet this helicopter can lifting many Cargo example like small plane, car, boat, container and such more. Notice this heli also has limited power, so dont too much cargo or this heli cant be lifted, this heli also has similar face like Blackfoot"

This Helicopter first built in 1974 when Cold War still continued untill 1991. This heli introduced in a year later wich is in 1975. The heavy-lift helicopter possessed a long fuselage, six rotor blades, and four tail rotor blades.




ARNA Heavy-lift Helicopter

Yes, Avalanche is an 1st ARNA Heavy-lift helicopter. Previously ARNA using CH-54 Tarhe but its retire by ARNA because the cost its too expensive, Vresco Helicopter Manufacturer (VHM) got idea to make an this helicopter.

ARNA Avalanche seen parked in the hangar

Avalanche, we can make all cargo lifted to the sky, without him who will lifted cargo in unreachable place? a big plane? Thanks for the idea to make Atlantian has modern Heavy Lift Helicopter

The Avalanche has difference color where its Naval Gray for Atlantia Republic National Army and Black for The Wolf Forces. Atlantia Republic National Army has callsign "Phoenix", while The Wolf Forces has callsign "Vulture". What is The Wolf? The Wolf Forces is an Atlantia Republic Special Forces. Engines of both this Forces are upgraded in all time wich is from 1975 untill present 2021.

The Wolf forces H-35 seen flying above Watson Airstrip in Watson City
This variant was used by The Wolf Forces in 2005 to ferry strike team to Zhulkov Military Base in South Navajo, Georussean. Because the color of this Heli are black so its looks like stealth helicopter, however this is not fully stealth helicopter because the rotor are too noisy and makes enemies alerted.
Previously, The Wolf are using CH-54 Tarhe as Heavy Lift Helicopter and used until 2002. But in 2004 they replaced his Tarhe to Avalanche because CH-54 Tarhe looks too old and cant lift any cargo as well, yes because CH-54 actually retired in 1970.

Atlantia Republic National Army H-35 taking off from deck ANS Revolution during storm in Atlantic ocean

Now lets move into ARNA. All of ARNA Helicopters always has callsign "Phoenix" and has number code to avoid confused different type of helicopter. This helicopter used during war with Federation of Geourussean (Previously known as Slavian Federation) since 2016 until present. This heli previously used in 1984 until 1991 and used again in 2016 until present because long conflict. During war with Georussean in Mecklonian territory lead by Lucas Gabrielson, this helicopter used to transporting Vehicle such as APC and troops into battlefield

Two Avalanche do landing in Mecklonian territory to drop off troops into battlefield

Because the fuselage are long and wide, this heli can transport more troops, unlike Blackfoot wich is only 6 passenger can transport it. This heli has capacity 35 troops and 5 crew include 2 pilot and 3 flight enginner.

Lucas : "Come on Marines! Prepare yourself, we will land in 30 seconds"

After 30 seconds the helicopter successfully landed, Green light has been turned on

Green light turned on

Lucas : "Go go go!"

After that, all troops are moving out from the Helicopter and starts battle with Georussean Military in Mecklonian Territory.

Same as The Wolf, Previously ARNA using CH-54 Tarhe but retired are late than The Wolf. The Wolf retire his CH-54 at 2004 while the ARNA retire his CH-54 at 2009 because too old, expensive repair, and cant lift any cargo.

The Avalanche seems lifting Crashed D-18A Vulcan in some field.

ARAF (Atlantia Republic Air Force) has been reported there is crashed ARAF D-18A Vulcan in the Field near village. ARNA H-35 starts fly to the crash site and lifting the D-18A Vulcan

Fully image of crashed D-18A Vulcan in crash site, the photo taken at February, 2021

H-35 bring back D-18A Vulcan to the Maxwell Airbase to repair the jet, after that Police and Military investigate the D-18A Vulcan and crash site. The result of investigate are D-18A maybe got shooted by Georussean Fighter jets. Because there has hole in the body and engine.


  • Flares

Why no weapons?

Yeet, this is transport helicopter not an attack helicopter

H-35 with callsign Phoenix 5-2 seems launch his flares after locked by AA Missile

Locked Alarm

Daniel : "What was that?"

Pilot : "Warning alarm?"

Daniel looks to the window to see what happened

Daniel : "Oh f*ck, INCOMING!

Pilot of Phoenix 5-2 launch his flares to avoid from incoming missile

Daniel : "Another one!"

H-35 launch his flares again

Pilot : "Sh*t there is no weapons in here"

Daniel : "Just get out from here now!"

Pilot : "This is Phoenix 5-2 we back to the base, we are under attack"

After locked by Georussean AA missile, H-35 fly back to the base. Actually this H-35 flying to the Fierin Airbase but has been under attack when H-35 are in Snowstone territory.


-VTOL for up and down
-Pitch to moving
-Roll for Roll
-AG1 for winch
-AG2 for magnet
-AG3 + Trim to Faster the heli
-AG4 for Nav light

Used by

  • Asena Self Defense Force
  • Asena Air Force
  • Atlantia Republic National Army
  • The Wolf
  • Merdan Defense Forces
  • Merdan Air Force


Tired to read huh? Dont worry, this is last page

  • For the design and shape, this helicopter are based on MH-53 Pave low. It looks like mixed between MH-53 and CH-47 Chinook, Rotor and tail are from MH-53 while the body are from CH-47 Chinook

  • You need to be careful when the winch are in maximum range, because if you flying with high speed and stop suddenly it can makes broke your rotor

  • Magnet are not 100% powerful, so be careful if you want to lift

  • Manufactured by Vresco Helicopter Manufacturer

  • Navigation lights are inspirated from Call of Duty : Black Ops 2

  • This Heli looks faster than VHM VH-88 Blackfoot

  • There is no Interior, so you cant transport vehicle except if you lift it

  • Limit of load is 20 lbs, because the power of this Heli are limited tho.

  • Weakpoint of this Helicopter is in the Rotor, so be careful if you got under attack by AA Turret.

Pics and Short Video

H-35 seen flying above sea at dawn. Brennan class in the background.

Flying together with VH-88 Blackfoot, Note the landing gear deployed

The Wolf variant are still in test, so stay tuned!

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General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 62.1ft (18.9m)
  • Length 102.1ft (31.1m)
  • Height 29.9ft (9.1m)
  • Empty Weight 28,357lbs (12,862kg)
  • Loaded Weight 46,081lbs (20,902kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 49.31
  • Wing Loading 439,839.3lbs/ft2 (2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 19928


  • Number of Parts 207
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 926