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Orca Sport Civilian

55.1k Freerider2142  2.2 years ago

Controls are in the Ingame Instructions as well.

Radio and Transponder:

All buttons work for setting Comms-Radio, Radio-NAV, and Squawk codes
(No ingame functionality other then to look really cool, and simulate real radio operation)

Activation Groups

AG-1 = Gyro (Will make hovering easier)
AG-2 = On - Afterburner / Off - Reactive thrusters for hovering control.
AG-3 = N/A
AG-4 = Cargo Bays
AG-5, AG-6 = Extra Flare banks
AG-7 = Radios On/Off
AG-8 = Tiberium Reactor, Main systems shut down.

VTOL = Main engine rotation 80° back, 20° reverse
TRIM Up= Engine rotation 45° reverse

Left panel:

-AGs 1 to 4
-CM = Countermeasures dispense
-TR = Trim Reset
-BRK = speed and wheel brakes
-Fuel probe switch = Extend or Stow
-Landing gear switch = Extend / Retract
-Parking Skids switch = Folding Parking Chocks

Right Panel:

-AGs 5 to 8
-F.L. switch = Formation lights
-COL.L. switch = Anti collision lights
-NAV.L. switch = NAV/Position lights
-Red button = Reactor On/Off button
-Canopy control

Throttle group

-VTOL lever
-Trim lever (Up only)

Canopy open, auto retracts the Fuel Probe.

All information label parts were customized from the default "Wasp"

The V-42/GA Orca was converted for Civilian use in the Blue Zones.
With weapons removed, the Missile bays were converted to hold cargo,
And Instruments for General Aviation purpose were installed.

This unarmed Orca is used as Personal transport craft and for Racing.
While military advance is the main goal of GDI, there exists a need to give the people a way to enjoy and be inspired.

Huge Thank you to:

Thecatbaron for allowing me to use his Radio and Transponder!

V For general help in setting it for VR and other help.


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 23.7ft (7.2m)
  • Length 34.2ft (10.4m)
  • Height 12.3ft (3.8m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 25,017lbs (11,347kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 110.492
  • Wing Loading 19.7lbs/ft2 (96.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,269.8ft2 (118.0m2)
  • Drag Points 8652


  • Number of Parts 603
  • Control Surfaces 6
  • Performance Cost 2,976
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    Updated the XML, the left buttons on the Radio affected Yaw control surfaces I had set to "None"...
    so it made the Orca roll violently.
    fixed now.
    Thank you @Opera for noticing.

    Pinned 2.2 years ago
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    @Freerider2142 Hello! long time no see

    1.7 years ago
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    Playing on MP ith you right now!
    nice build!

    +1 1.8 years ago
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    @V2 It's all good, I think the points should go to newer players anyway, or to the makers of the parts I used ;)
    your adjustments to the cockpit and "debugging" little things was more than enough help :)

    +1 2.2 years ago
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    300 V2

    by later tonight, i meant within the next week or two

    +1 2.2 years ago
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    36.4k V1

    I'll curate this one later tonight

    +4 2.2 years ago