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A-10 but i made it worse...

199 ab  6 months ago
Auto Credit Based on Snargles's A-10C THUNDERBOLT II


Credit time lol:
Snargles made the original plane.
JoshuaW made the Nose Autoaim Turret

- I made it kind of unstable!
- I added a ton of anti air missiles for some reason...
- It now has a gun that aims itself at the target! (totally not because i suck at aiming)
- You can now take off and land it on the carrier!
- In the cockpit, I changed the weapon screen to only show "missiles left" and added another gauge that does the same but fancier. (See second image!)
- I made the engines be turned on by default and you need to press 8 to turn it off again.

AG1: Lights
AG2: Nothing
AG3: Jettison Weaponry
AG4: Arresting hook
AG5: Master Arm
AG6: Canopy
AG7: Formation Lights
AG8: Engines


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor A-10C THUNDERBOLT II
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 57.9ft (17.7m)
  • Length 55.6ft (16.9m)
  • Height 15.1ft (4.6m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 40,534lbs (18,386kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.864
  • Wing Loading 58.7lbs/ft2 (286.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 690.0ft2 (64.1m2)
  • Drag Points 9342


  • Number of Parts 398
  • Control Surfaces 12
  • Performance Cost 2,154