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[Monarchii] MRNS Meiko Honma (Taigei-class Attack Submarine)

74.9k LunarEclipseSP  15 days ago

A quick post and a simple submarine build

and probably the first Taigei-class submarine to be ever exist on this site.

XML Updated

  • I missed and forgot to add the small detail or part on the lower stern, where there is supposed to be an extra fin-like thing overthere. Oh silly me, how can I actually missed that one small detail of the Taigei-class?

    For now, the submarine has been updated and added the missing part on the submarine stern part.


The MRNS Meiko Honma (SS-189) is a Taigei-class attack submarine of the Monarchii Royal Navy. A next generation class of compact attack submarines. She is equipped with more lithium-ion batteries, allowing it to travel underwater longer and at higher speeds. The submarine carries advanced heavy torpedoes, as well as light underwater-launched anti-ship missiles.

Overview - Taigei-class Submarine

The Taigei-class submarines (29SS) (lit: Big Whale) is a new class of attack submarines after 2022, developed for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). It is the successor to the Soryu class.

The Taigei class is equipped with a large amount of lithium-ion batteries, as is the case with the eleventh and twelfth submarines of the Soryu class (Oryu and Toryu), making it possible for the submersible to travel longer and at higher speeds under water than conventional diesel-electric submarines.


Monarchii lore

Meiko Honma is one of the Monarchii Taigei-class attack submarine of the Monarchii Royal Navy around 2020s. Meiko Honma was involved in Monarchii War in 202X she was used to transport troops and arms to the Monarchii Royal Army in Krakabloa and during those operations she was badly damaged. She was reported missing prior to the pre-Siren War. She along with all of the ships on her class including almost of the Monarchiians has mysteriously disappeared and nobody knows why. The Rapture? Mass abductions? Spontaneous combustion? Who knows?!

Real world lore - JS Taigei

Taigei was laid down at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard on 16 March 2018 as the 2017 plan 3000-ton submarine No. 8128 based on the medium-term defense capability development plan (26 medium-term defense), and in 2020. It was named Taigei at the naming and launching ceremony held at the factory on 14 October. It was handed over to the Maritime Self-Defense Force on 9 March 2022 and deployed to the Yokosuka Naval Base. Construction cost was estimated at US$720 million.

In June 2023, the submarine participated in exercises with a visiting vessel of the French Navy, the frigate Lorraine.


  • Working diving system (finally I've learned how to make a working diving system)
  • Modern Warship-ish weapons.
  • Custom weapons.
  • Flares


  • You cannot dive deeper in order to avoid the weapons to disappear. But the good thing is, you can peek through the periscope by using Cockpit View mode.

Manual instruction:

  • Throttle = Move forward.
  • Brake = Brake.
  • S = Reverse (set throttle to 0 first).
  • A & D = Turn left & right.
  • VTOL Down = Submerge.
  • VTOL Up = Surfacing.
  • V = Launch flares.


Missile Battery

  • 4x UGM-84 Harpoon (In-game displayed as 8, fires 2 rounds per shoot)


  • 4x Type-12 Torpedo (Lightweight torpedo)
  • 2x Type-89 Torpedo (Heavyweight torpedo, do devastating damage to any target)

Missile Battery Control

  • LAlt = Fire missile (must lock-on target).

Torpedo Control

  • The usage of torpedoes can be manually launched, or can be lock on target.

    • Select 'Manual' type to use manual launch mode, manually launch the torpedo without locking any target, will fires straight unguided.

    • Select 'Lock On' type to use lock on target mode, target-guided, will seek and destroy the locked target.

MRNS Meiko Honma at Krakabloa Naval Dockyard, inside the submarine pen.

Leaving her submarine pen.

On voyage with RF Barracuda (945).
Sierra-class submarine made by MintLynx



  • The Taigei-class submarine is a successor of the JMSDF Soryu-class submarine.
  • The submarine was made her debut in Modern Warships: Naval Battles, as a Tier III limited promotional bundle ship that can be purchased with a real currency. First added was during the June 2024 event called Seas of Prey: Renegades


  • The ship namesake was named after a character with the same name from Anohana.
  • The hull number is referencing Meiko's birthday.
  • In the Monarchii storyline, the ships might shares a same traits and inspiration from both Indonesian Whiskey-class attack submarine KRI Pasopati and US escort destroyer USS Eldridge.

    • Much like the Pasopati, Meiko Honma was participated in a large scale military operation during the Monarchii War (despite off-screen and was never mentioned before), inspired from how Pasopati make her action debut in the real life Operation Trikora.

    • The disappearance of Meiko Honma and the rest of her ships in class, is inspired from the USS Eldridge and the infamous conspiracy about the Philadelphia experiment. Both vessels are rumoured to experiencing an event that is beyond reason and mysterious. But unlike USS Eldridge, Meiko Honma's disappearance is by an unknown reason and really hard to guess why, plus it's gone together along with the rest of the fleets and platoons, not because of an experiment. And so the submarine is literally gone without trace, unlike the Eldridge which is said to be teleported in one place into the other place.

Creator's note:

  • This is might be the first Taigei-class submarine to be ever exist in this site.
  • The log about the dissapearance of Monarchii can be seen here


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 33.1ft (10.1m)
  • Length 278.5ft (84.9m)
  • Height 74.9ft (22.8m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 437,842lbs (198,602kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.089
  • Wing Loading N/A
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 0


  • Number of Parts 105
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 551
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    @Mistatopi I had no time to build, but don't worry though, I am still around.

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    Dang it has been a while now since i last seen your post

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    @Majakalona no it is literally global "warming", the ice on the arctic area were melt and affecting the sea level

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    @LunarEclipseSP it's a global warning

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    @Majakalona Give it a try if you want to...
    If you flood the Snowstone it would literally looks like an impact of Global Warming

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    can I lower the water level (or just flood) of snowstone?

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    @MZ1220 actually this is a Japanese Taigei-class submarine

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    675 MZ1220

    Ohio class submarine~

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    @LunarEclipseSP after i have posted the USS Pearl Harbor, i will use this submarine for my fictional navy, which is Wright Navy, Wright isles is just a USA 2.0

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    @STALIN83 Aww thank you so much <3

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    Nice Sub👍🏻👍🏻

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    @LunarEclipseSP Well, they may have them, but I don't know if they were involved in the M-War, no one really talked about them lol

    Note that it's just marine personnel, however, so Marines vehicles under different branches may have been involved with the M-War

    +1 14 days ago
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    @TheUltimatePlaneLover Monarchii has no marine forces huh? Okay, I'll make some changes

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    @LunarEclipseSP Yeah, in fact the army took one of the weakest hits, here are some precise stats (yet to be confirmed but precise nonetheless):

    Monarchii Army
    2% MIA
    33% KIA
    65% Confirmed Intact
    Monarchii Air Force
    35% MIA
    9% KIA
    56% Confirmed Intact
    Monarchii Navy

    7% MIA
    92% KIA
    <1% Confirmed Intact (subtracting new/unused vessels)
    Monarchii Marines
    NA - No Monarchiian Marine personnel were involved in the Monarchii War
    Monarchii Coast Guard
    0% MIA
    0% KIA
    100% Confirmed Intact

    These are estimates, but I could be wrong. So the sub is probably in the 7% MIA range

    +1 14 days ago
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    @TheUltimatePlaneLover I know. So no wonder why there is some of remaining Monarchii Army to be still exist in Siren War.
    And yes the fate of this sub is unknown, but everyone (in the lore) believed that this sub was gone along with the other vanished Monarchiians.

    14 days ago
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    I smell good lore

    Oh I should probably mention, the entire fleet wasn't wiped out, about 80-90% was, but the rest survived. The issue is that all the survivors were either crippled or unused, and almost all of the crippled ones were, between the MGLA, Sirens, and NMR, hunted down and sunk eventually. Only about 3 actual Monarchiian veteran vessels remain, there could be and probably are more, but as one could infer, secrecy is the survival of the others out there.
    So this sub could be alive, but who knows...

    +1 14 days ago
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    Check this out, this was a Monarchii Royal Navy submarine that once was participated in M-War (despite being offscreen and was never mentioned before). Unfortunately though, she and the rest of her fleets are missing along with the other Monarchiians prior to the pre-Siren War.
    And also this might be the first ever Japanese Taigei-class submarine to be ever exist in this site.

    14 days ago
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