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Fairey Mersey Light Bomber

105 DuneBoi  one month ago

Alright, another one of of my pre-profile creations, the Fairey Mersey.

A bit of backstory I guess: there is an existing single-engine light bomber called the Fairey Battle (google it). Now, that aircraft was mediocre at best, with poor speed and manoeuvrability, but also depressingly inadequate defensive armament and only decent payload. I have proposed a [fictional] solution - the Mersey. Built by Fairey as a replacement for the Battle, it is faster and has a larger payload. It is quite a chunky plane and is really short for its size; it has a whopping four crew members, which is loads for a single-engined bomber. The Mersey has 6 (!) foward-facing machine guns - which is definetly overkill. Anyway hope you enjoy :)

6 7.7mm machine guns
1 Defensive 12.7mm
6 250lb bombs

Pilot - Cockpit view
Gunner - Cam 1
Bombardier (& his sight) - Cam 2
Observer/Navigator - Cam 3

Normal flight controls
VTOL Up: Air brakes
AG1 + VTOL: Turret control
AG8 (auto enabled): Arm bombs, enable air brakes

For those who read to the end, thanks mate, I appreciate it :)

General Characteristics

  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 40.8ft (12.4m)
  • Length 29.2ft (8.9m)
  • Height 14.7ft (4.5m)
  • Empty Weight 7,378lbs (3,346kg)
  • Loaded Weight 12,665lbs (5,745kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.069
  • Wing Loading 37.1lbs/ft2 (181.0kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 341.7ft2 (31.7m2)
  • Drag Points 2295


  • Number of Parts 81
  • Control Surfaces 5