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Perpetual motion machine. (Or at least an attempt)

2,669 Jettison  6.5 years ago
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I was watching many clips of a game called Besieged which is a similar sort of genre game as simple planes. I noticed that they were able to make perpetual motion machines in that game and I gave it a go at taking it on in simple planes. It doesn't really work indefinently but I could get about 20 spins out of it before it came to a complete stop while screwing round with a rotator. I'm not sure if this one can just because of the amount of times my game crashed whilst testing (ALWAYS SAVE BIG CRAFTS ON MOBILE DEVICES BEFORE TESTING!). AC1= detatchers and motorised winding up. AC2= engage free spin mode.

General Characteristics

  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 60.7ft (18.5m)
  • Length 37.7ft (11.5m)
  • Height 68.9ft (21.0m)
  • Empty Weight 129,841lbs (58,895kg)
  • Loaded Weight 129,841lbs (58,895kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 4.361
  • Wing Loading 439,839.3lbs/ft2 (2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 89708


  • Number of Parts 840
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 3,583