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The Planet Express

41.7k Destroyerz117  2.1 years ago

And here we have it!
Welcome to my latest and greatest Time sink to date! None other then the Planet Express from Futurama! Which has taken more than 100 hours to complete (dethroning highest education in time taken) including research into features, making of those features, fixing them when they break out of nowhere, fixing them again when they break out of nowhere, fixing them when they break out of...
and officially destroying what small remainders of sanity where left! So that's Great.


The planet express features tripodal landing gear because 3 is the greatest! Including fold out stairs with which to enter the ship! It all slides in and out of the ship with maximum satisfaction.

The front of the ship is where the big guns are housed, the primary lasers fold out from two tubes located on either side of the front landing gear, these send out two wide powerful laser beams capable of melting through metal hulls, they even have a double use as headlights! Although very dangerous ones at that...(I'm sorry Mom I told you not to overtake me)

A piloted turret on top of the ship lets you aim aim anywhere, with a full 180 degrees of action! Its not 360 but it might as well be!

Thanks to the advancements in engine technology the Planet Expresses Dark matter engines are capable of directional thrust allowing vertical takeoffs and landings and the ship can come to a near perfect standstill and hang in mid air! (Its using a 2D VTOL system this is thanks to some special help I got from @spefyjerbf which uses a gyro engine combo. I go more in depth of how it works below.)

And speaking of dark matter the planet express has the energy equivalent of 2.6 million gallons of fuel! Meaning you won't ever have to walk again.
The engine disobeys the laws of physics by moving the universe around it and by doing so can achieve speeds faster than light!...Or in this case circa. 900mph but that's almost the same thing right!?..Right?


One thing to note is all this stuff is bound to the landing gear, so if they by chance stop working that will be because you've disabled the landing gear.

2D VTOL system and flight controls

Standard flight:

By default the Planet Express controls like any normal VTOL aircraft and can take off by starting thrust and moving the VTOL slider up, this will also simultaneously fold up the landing gear. These are all on AG 8 so disabling that will cut off the primary engines and lock the landing gear in place.

credits go to Tully for letting me use some parts from one of their planes

2D VTOL flight:

AG 5: will activate the 2D vtol, while in 2D vtol the aircraft is locked into one angle with help of a gyro(so it can't face up or down) from here you control up and down movement with the VTOL slider, you move forwards with thrust, and you yaw/ change direction with roll.
This is to assist with landing and helps with various things such as locking the ship into place and making it easier to use the magnet winch.
Your also going to want to disable normal flight while using this with the exception of activating it briefly to put down the landing gear.

Primary lasers

AG 1/Fire

The Primary lasers are activated with AG 1 and with that are toggle able and will fold in and out of the ship, although your going to want to hold off from firing until they're all the way out since...yeah accidents can happen.

The Primary lasers can come in useful when destroying ground targets, especially when paired with the 2D VTOL

(I had to guess a Little when making these as there are literally no pictures online)

Top mounted turret

AG 2/Trim/Pitch/Fire

AG 2 Will activate the turret (can fire without activation group but 2 will alow you to control its direction) turret can turn a full 180 degrees with trim which controls the turning(tested with yaw but would reset if you let go of the button which made aiming impossible) and pitch controls up down movement.

The Idea here is that if your stopping and taking time to aim with the turret your going to be motionless in the air with 2D VTOL

Winch Magnet

AG 3/Trim/AG 4

AG 3: Will open the chamber housing the magnetic winch hook, as well as activating the winch itself. Trim adjusts the height level of the magnet,
and AG 4 will activate the magnet in itself so you can carry objects.

Works best in tandem with 2D VTOL activated so you can hover in place and not make the magnet fly away like some kind of possessed Frisbee

Cargo bay/elevator

VTOL slider:

The cargo bay elevator extends when you drag the VTOL slider all the way down, pretty self explanatory.

These are all the controls for the ship, there are also a few easter eggs hidden, I'm won't spoil how to activate them or what they are. (Well except for one)

And finally in honor of my man @Mattangi2

Enjoy! :)

Hey you! In addition to this lengthy description you can also view build logs which go more in detail about building the damn thing! I figure if you can make it through this you must love suffering! So below your can read even more horrible writing of mine!
And that's a win for both of us!

Build log 1
Build log 2
Build log 3


General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s) +28 bonus
  • This plane has been featured
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 34.5ft (10.5m)
  • Length 80.1ft (24.4m)
  • Height 35.4ft (10.8m)
  • Empty Weight 9,484lbs (4,302kg)
  • Loaded Weight 11,917lbs (5,405kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 6.788
  • Wing Loading 37.2lbs/ft2 (181.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 320.6ft2 (29.8m2)
  • Drag Points 1263


  • Number of Parts 1221
  • Control Surfaces 4
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    7 months ago
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    37.3k KnightOfRen

    Read the comments from Sled and Spefy! It's good reading material!

    7 months ago
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    1,799 DeltaLCI


    PE: Are you really the one in charge here?

    8 months ago
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    @FireFlyer ah sorry, forget to reply!
    Yes saw the video, thanks for letting me know

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    Can you make mobile friendly version please?

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    bite my shiny metal a**

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    @FireFlyer really? whereabouts? would be cool to see

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    @RCalabraro thanks!

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    Lands on a planet meets a face hugger

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    Shut up and take my money!!!

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    @weebabyseamus thank you! That's really nice to hear! And to think, all it cost was my sanity.

    +1 2.0 years ago
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    @Destroyerz117 been a while since I've played, and this was nice to come back to. The detail is astounding! Awesome job all around from the flying characteristics to the upload page, you spared no expense of time!

    +2 2.0 years ago
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    @weebabyseamus ayy, my man
    that's the the upvote!

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    @AJosh92FS thanks, that's really nice of you to say

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    @AJosh92FS thanks, that's really nice of you to say

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    You are my Futurama hero, Love this 100%

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    @Destroyerz117 your welcomes

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    @spefyjerbf WOW

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    This thing looks cool and it even is cool

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    156k spefyjerbf

    The conversation has been moved. Sorry for cluttering your build’s comments section, OP.

    2.1 years ago
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    195k SledDriver

    @spefyjerbf Ah, so you're taking the "brazen it out" approach. I already posted all the evidence needed, which should make it clear to anyone with half a brain and a smidgen of integrity what's going on. However, let's take this elsewhere, dear friend.

    2.1 years ago
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    7,819 Ariathe

    Really makes me want to watch Futurama again...
    Very well done!

    2.1 years ago
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    156k spefyjerbf

    Continuing the older comment...
    I'm not done yet though. I have a few more questions:
    1. How does the teaser for Volitus align with your interpretation of my alleged plagiarism?
    2. Why did you not contact me, or anyone else, about such plagiarism?
    Therefore, it seems like your accusation is demonstrably false. Your evidence is shoddy at best, and relies on me being guilty until proven innocent. Your statements imply causality based on a pre-concieved notion of my character.
    As for the original poster of this build, feel free to tell me to move this conversation elsewhere. I don't want to pollute your comments, but it looks like our dear friend already has.

    2.1 years ago
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    156k spefyjerbf

    @SledDriver The misinformation lies in the following statement:
    "And just so you know, the so-called "2-D VTOL system" is based off my hover-flight chassis as well."
    This quote implies that I directly took your flight module that you linked, and rebranded it as my own. That is, even by your understanding of it, an inaccurate representation of what happened. I am sure that you did intend that meaning, but unfortunately, that is how I (and a few others) interpreted it. Therefore, I linked my evidence.
    Additionally, I must address your accusation, which you have elaborated on in your reply:
    "However, I definitely remember mine being first, because I took note of how you immediately rebranded it as your "2D VTOL system."
    Please provide evidence. You cannot make baseless accusations of plagiarism, even if your intuition tells you otherwise. Simple timing (of a rather simple concept) is not enough. After all, gyros were introduced into SP 1.8 years ago. Because of how SP updates work, all gyro-based flight systems would be timed fairly close together, as you have observed. Therefore, mere coincidence does not strengthen your position.
    But, since I am requesting that you provide evidence to support your otherwise baseless claims, I might as well provide evidence of my own. While I coined the term, 2D VTOL, with Volitus, it was not the first build of mine to use a gyro-thruster flight system. In fact, Volitus was actually a refinement of an earlier flight system that I tested on an earlier build (which is a small drone) as my first 1.6 build. Therefore, your accusation simply doesn't make sense to me. Based on the functional congruence of Volitus and the drone, it appears to be more likely that Volitus was simply the successor of Helios Security Drone's flight system, which I obviously developed myself.
    If the timing of Volitus was perfect, then can you explain the conceptually identical flight system of the earlier build, the Helios Security Drone?

    2.1 years ago
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