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Flakpanzer V (Coelian)

10.0k CRATE52PART2  13 days ago


  • Pitch = Forward/Backward
  • Roll = Rotate left/right
  • Trim = Cannon Elevation
  • Yaw = Turret rotation


  • Activate 1 = Sideskirts (Ejection)
  • Activate 2 = Front turret cheek's (Ejection)
  • Activate 4 = Crewmembers hatch
  • Activate 5 = Commander hatch
  • Activate 7 = HeadLights


  • It can shed its skin(A.k.a the Panes)
    Cool feature right?

  • Features crewmembers


The 3.7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell or Flakpanzer 341 was a German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun designed by Rheinmetall during World War II. It was intended to be armed with two 3.7 cm Flak 341 gun in a fully enclosed, rotating turret on the hull of a Panther medium tank. In the end, only a wooden mock-up of the turret on a Panther chassis was built.

In the first years of the war, the Wehrmacht had less interest in developing self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, but as the Allies achieved air superiority, the need for more mobile and better-armed self-propelled anti-aircraft guns increased. The Wehrmacht had adapted a variety of wheeled and half-track vehicles to serve as mobile forward air defence positions to protect armour and infantry units in the field as well as for temporary forward area positions such as mobile headquarters and logistic points. As Allied fighter bombers and other ground attack aircraft moved from machine gun armament and bombing to air-to-ground rockets, the air defence positions were even more vulnerable. The answer was to create tank-based Flakpanzers with armour that would protect the gun crews while they fired upon approaching Allied aircraft.

Rheinmetall had developed a design for a Panther armed with four 2 cm MG 151/20 guns in May 1943. However, the 2 cm guns were considered too weak already, and in December 1943 a tank committee decided that all future self-propelled anti-aircraft guns based on the Panther would be armed with two 3.7 cm guns, and later two 5.5 cm guns. Both Daimler-Benz and Rhinemetall were chosen to design a turret armed with twin 3.7 cm guns for the Panther, with the latter finishing their design in May 1944.[1] A wooden mock-up of the turret was created and mounted on the chassis of a Panther Ausf. D.[2]

However, it soon became clear that no chassis would be available for Flakpanzers for a variety of reasons, including the Allies' landing in Normandy, the increasing Allied strategic bombing offensive, and raw material shortages. Work on the Flakpanzer 341 continued throughout 1944, but in January 1945 all work on 3.7 cm armed Flakpanzer on the Panther chassis was stopped due to the 3.7 cm guns being considered inadequate.


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 15.4ft (4.7m)
  • Length 33.8ft (10.3m)
  • Height 15.9ft (4.8m)
  • Empty Weight 87,346lbs (39,619kg)
  • Loaded Weight 89,344lbs (40,526kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.15
  • Wing Loading -439,839.3lbs/ft2 (-2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 14032


  • Number of Parts 484
  • Control Surfaces 0

Required Mods

  • Tracks 2 by MOPCKOE_DNISHE
    Version 0.81 (9/8/2019 1:50:14 PM)
    View Mod Page
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    10.0k CRATE52PART2

    Unfortunately, This things lacks a sight because I didn't know where it was located and didn't find any holes from the pictures too :(
    I'm yet to build more variants of panther because there's literally a ton of versions of it that exist. But all that will be built in the future or later on

    Pinned 13 days ago
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    @TheVexedVortex would it possible to build a version with very undetailed tracks or ones made with flat wheels?

    9 days ago
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    10 days ago
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    30 KobzeR

    The Best thing! How about make UAZ or GAZ-2330 Tigr?

    11 days ago
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    10.0k CRATE52PART2

    @LittleJerry :)

    12 days ago
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    2,252 THEYE


    12 days ago
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    1,519 LittleJerry

    J a g d p a n t h e r I I

    +1 12 days ago
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    3,059 Mikey101234

    It WaS lOcAtEd In Ze VaThErLaNd@CRATE52PART2

    12 days ago
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    12 days ago
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    10.0k CRATE52PART2

    @hRmm that will be made sometime in the future, I was planning to make the Bradley exept it had too many assymetric shapes which Im not that skilled to build yet.

    13 days ago
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    515 hRmm

    @CRATE52PART2 can you make a M3A3 Bradley sometime?I think it will go well with your Abrams M1A2 TUSK II.

    13 days ago
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    Hans, schart ze panzer

    13 days ago
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    @FalconFalconTheMemer cool

    13 days ago
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    It’s ok i have an iPad Pro that can run aircraft with over 3000 parts @TheVexedVortex

    13 days ago
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    @Kartoffel3u2i2 @FalconFalconTheMemer, if you don't want it have tracks mods, your in for a tone of parts because building tracks without the mod will make the creation at least 1000 parts.

    13 days ago
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    Could you please make a version without the tracks/ different ones that doesn't use the mod so mobile players can enjoy it?

    13 days ago
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    Nice build, but could you please make a mobile version without mods ? Thanks

    +2 13 days ago
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    21.5k PapaWii

    Flak panzer!!!

    +1 13 days ago