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F-15C Eagle

4,130 N1KO  8 months ago
Auto Credit Based on N1KO's A.F-15C 6

The Bomber Strike Package Strike Eagle:

This F-15C Eagle features no FAST PACKS, or Conformal Fuel Tanks

If aesthetically not ur taste then a version with Conformal Fuel Tanks is available over here

The F-15 Eagle is one of those fighters that don't need any intro, it has a practically undefeated air combat history.

It is 1:1 scaled to the real Eagle. The build took a very long time to complete due to many unforeseen events.

AG:1 = Landing Hook (Yes air force jets have hooks)
AG:2 = Air Brake
AG:3 = Lightss
AG:4 = (Fire)Interceptors
AG:5 = (Fire)Guardians
AG:6 = Fuel Tanks
AG:7 = Afterburner
AG:8 = arm weapons
Trim = Flaps


The Eagle has many small features to give a more immersive, both aerodynamically and aesthetically. The inlet moves as you maneuver, as the F-15 is known for having a variable geometry intake. The Eagle can perform most of the maneuvers its real life counterpart does to the point that SP physics allow, and control of the aircraft is greatly enhanced with the aid of the flaps. The F-15 is a very good energy fighter so use of slow speed maneuvers is deeply discouraged.

New Hornet!!

Test the Hornet


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor A.F-15C 6
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 42.9ft (13.1m)
  • Length 63.9ft (19.5m)
  • Height 19.7ft (6.0m)
  • Empty Weight -60,191lbs (-27,302kg)
  • Loaded Weight 36,074lbs (16,363kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 5.606
  • Wing Loading 61.2lbs/ft2 (298.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 589.5ft2 (54.8m2)
  • Drag Points 10607


  • Number of Parts 526
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    4,130 N1KO

    @ChrisPy most take offs are usually limited to whats required to get the plane of the ground. The way SP is designed pushes the aircraft to its limits, but I do understand the problems - it also feels too stable to be a fighter aircraft.

    8 months ago
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    12.2k ChrisPy

    Really nice job but she accelerates and is too fast. Most fighters cap at 450knts under most conditions. It should take about half of yeagers runway to take off including afterburner.

    8 months ago
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    Wow​ very​ good!

    8 months ago
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    8 months ago