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SNS Democracy [Tenacious Class DDG Flight II]

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The Tenacious Class DDG Flight II is an improvement upon the earlier Tenacious Class. The Flight II holds many advantages over its predecessor such as increased range, payload, sensors, endurance and more. The Flight II not only improves upon these previously mentioned aspects, but also improves upon the general design, layout, and features of the ship confidently allowing it to serve well into the future (2030s+) in service with the Sosevean Navy.


In January 2011, the Navy identified that the Tenacious Class DDG Flight I was aging in the new and changing naval environment. To solve this problem, it was decided by the Bureau of the Sosevean Navy that a new flight of the ship must be produced in order to fully appreciate the platform. The navy's main goal was to "fit the Tenacious for future combat." The project was greenlit by the Sosevean Government in early February... After completing development in mid 2012, the first Flight II, later to be named SNS Democracy, was laid down with Conway Shipyards. It was there the Democracy was fitted with the latest sensors available at the time, naming it the "Tenacious Class DDG Flight II-A." The Democracy was launched on February 17th, 2015, where it was trialed and subsequently commissioned by the Sosevean Navy on March 12th of the same year.

SNS Democracy conducting bad weather trials, May 2015.
[Photo credit MapleSkii]

Between the years 2015-2021, the amount of Flight II-A Classes expanded to 22 of the total 36 Tenacious Class DDGs in the Sosevean Navy. Part of this is due to rapid expansion of the Sosevean Defense force during this time. Meanwhile in politics, talks of refitting were growing to further modernize the Flight II by using the most advanced sensors available. Though this would mean a replacement of the A fitted classes, it wouldn't mean a total replacement immediately. Rather, only when the budget allowed it. Talks proved fruitful when on September 21st, 2019 the Sosevean government once again greenlit the operation, and increased funding for existing new sensor projects to increase development speed for the Flight II-Bs. Development on these sensors as well as development on the II-B allowed the SNS Democracy, the first ship of the flight, to be refitted to once again lead the Tenacious Class into the future. The Democracy was once again launched on December 19th 2021, where during works it had received upgrades to sensors (most notably switching from the SNR-05v2 AESA 3D Radar to the v4 version, increasing BMD capability and detection range.) and where it had also been fitted with newly developed SNL-6 AShM box launchers. Currently, the II-B accounts for just 25% of the Flight II.


4x SNR-05v4 AESA 3D Radar
SN/AEWS-08 Mk IV EW Suite
1x SNSA-7 Variable Depth Active / Passive Towed Sonar Array
SNATS Torpedo Ship Defence Suite
1x SNAMS-1 Hull Mounted Mine Hunting Sonar
1x HMASAv2 Hull Mounted Active Sonar Array


128x SNML-33 VLS cells
6x SN/AT-6 or 6x SN/AT-8A1 324mm Torpedoes
2x SNCID-4 ‘Guard’ CIWS
1x SNC-8 127mm Cannon
4x Browning M2 .50 cal MGs
2x SNACM-85 Mk III Nulka Countermeasures
2x NS-1 30mm Autocannons
2x Medium Lift Helicopters
8x SLM-6A AShM


Propulsion: 4x ARGE-12 Gas Turbines (20,000 kw each)
Compliment: 20 officers, 260 enlisted + 16 aircrew
Price: $2,150,000,000 USD new or $1,500,000,000 USD to upgrade from Block I
Max speed: 32kn
Endurance: 6,300nm

Credit to:

MilotPario - Countermeasures
The man himself, the man from last post, the legend, the myth, the man - Inspiration
232287168147825 aka NumbersNumbersTheMan - FT for autoaim turrets


Throttle: Throttle
Yaw: Steer ship
VTOL: Aim turret sideways
TRIM: Elevate turret gun
AG1: Front weapons
AG2: Side weapons
AG3 Stern Weapons
AG4: Torpedoes + Torpedo bay doors
AG5: AShMs
AG7: Lights


Naming of the Democracy - Dedicated to Canadian.

I have put a lot of effort into this, so please consider either upvoting, spotlighting or sharing with your friends. Thank you and enjoy.


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 58.3ft (17.8m)
  • Length 501.9ft (153.0m)
  • Height 126.6ft (38.6m)
  • Empty Weight 265,164lbs (120,276kg)
  • Loaded Weight 325,921lbs (147,835kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.155
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.003
  • Wing Loading 2,435.6lbs/ft2 (11,891.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 133.8ft2 (12.4m2)
  • Drag Points 313875


  • Number of Parts 2868
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 10,310
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