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Propeller Drone V2

355 HunPredator017  2.1 years ago
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This is a basic drone with some weapons. Inspired by the drone seen in challenges. You can rebuild it as a flying bomb. The engine power is doubled, so it can reach 350 mph easly(or even higher). Very hard to destroy it with guns because I modified the health of the parts. Download and enjoy it!

General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 34.6ft (10.5m)
  • Length 31.6ft (9.6m)
  • Height 10.6ft (3.2m)
  • Empty Weight 5,142lbs (2,332kg)
  • Loaded Weight 7,262lbs (3,294kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.275
  • Wing Loading 47.7lbs/ft2 (232.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 152.2ft2 (14.1m2)
  • Drag Points 1745


  • Number of Parts 39
  • Control Surfaces 5