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GDI AC-42/A "Orca" VTOL

55.1k Freerider2142  2.2 years ago

Controls are in the Ingame Instructions as well.
Lore below instructions, and links to Variants
Aircraft operation basics at the bottom of instructions

-She's not that easy to fly!

The new Orca is highly responsive, and requires the pilot to constantly control it when hovering!
If you start fighting her, she will fight back and both of you will lose.

Right side TS button:

for VR users to remove the targeting system if it bothers you.

Activation Groups

AG-1 = Gyro (Will make hovering easier)
AG-2 = On - Afterburner / Off - Reactive thrusters for hovering control.
AG-3 = Auto-turret
AG-4 = Missile bays
AG-5, AG-6 = Extra Flare banks
AG-7 = Extra CHAFF banks
AG-8 = Tiberium Reactor, Main systems shut down.

-VTOL = Main engine rotation 80° back, 20° reverse
-VTOL is also Pitch trim in forward flight.
-TRIM Up= Engine rotation 45° reverse

-Brakes will apply both Wheel and Speed brakes.

Landing Gear and Missile bays will act as airbrakes when deployed,
and will slow the Orca down, Landing gear especially.

Left panel:

-AGs 1 to 4
-AA/AG targeting modes
-N.Target for next target
-TR = Trim Reset
-BRK = speed and wheel brakes
-CM = Countermeasures single or continuous dispense
-WPN = weapon select (If you want to add weapons)
-Fuel probe switch = Extend or Stow
-Landing gear switch = Extend / Retract
-Parking Skids switch = Folding Parking Chocks

Right Panel:

-AGs 5 to 8
-F.L. switch = Formation lights
-COL.L. switch = Anti collision lights
-NAV.L. switch = NAV/Position lights
-Red button = Reactor On/Off button
-Canopy control

Throttle group

-VTOL lever
-Trim lever (Up only)

Canopy open, auto retracts the Fuel Probe.

All information label parts were customized from the default "Wasp"

Operation instructions

In Hover: Orca is like a very twitchy helicopter.

-Hover is at about 25% depending on variant, Gyro can assist in Vertical takeoff and landings.

-Parking Skids (Chocks) can handle a slope up to 10°

-Transition from Hover to Forward flight: Increase VTOL first, then Increase Throttle while applying light pull on the stick. (this may need practicing to do fast and stable) use Gyro if needed.

-Fast Vertical takeoff: Gyro off, Zero VTOL and Trim, Increase Throttle to 100%, increase VTOL as nose starts pitching up.

-Rolling takeoff: 25%-50%VTOL, Slowly increase throttle to around 30%-50%, Increase throttle and pitch up slightly at around 200mph (320KPH), adjust VTOL and throttle as needed

-Rolling landing: Approach at speeds below 300MPH, DO NOT FLARE before touching down.
on touchdown, Zero the throttle and apply full brakes.
Use VTOL and Trim for reverse thrust if needed.

-Air to air refueling: Place the Heading indicator on the HUD to the engine on the Tanker that the Drogue is connected to.
Use both VTOL for pitch trim, and Throttle for stability and speed control, Gyro may assist in stability

-incase of loss of control or Tumbling: with 1000 feet AGL or more, Zero throttle and Let go of the controls, The Orca will nose down and stabilize itself in a dive.
(At lower altitudes, Activate Gyro, Zero VTOL and Trim, and apply throttle as needed)

This Lore omits the Incursion war and 4th Tiberium war on purpose.
(because they are garbage IMO...)

Greetings Commander!

* A brief history of your new deployable unit the AC-42/A "Orca" and its development. *

The First "Orca" was developed in the late 1990's to replace the AH-64 "Apache" Helicopter as a Front line support craft, but was lightly armed.
Later variants gained more and more powerful weapons and capabilities.
including Fighter, Bomber, Transport, and large Cargo/Vehicle carrying Orcas.
However before the 3rd Tiberium war, these capabilities were reduced due to massive cutbacks in GDI's funding, and Multiple aircraft were created to fill different roles.

1st Tiberium war Orca Assault craft Image1

2nd Tiberium war Orca Fighter Image2

3rd Tiberium War Orca Gunship image4

After the end of the 3rd Tiberium war in 2047, and the destruction of the Scrin's Relay node, Both GDI and NOD suffered massive casualties.
This time marked a short yet quiet time where both armies aimed to resupply and regroup.
While NOD continued their terrorist attacks in the Yellow zones and maintaining civil unrest, GDI aimed to restart its Reclamation project and retake the world from Tiberium infestation.
Both to gain worldwide dominance, and to prepare for the Scrin's return.

In 2050 GDI formed a cordon around the completed and indestructible "Threshold 19" Tower (AKA Kane's Tower) in the Italian red zone.
GDI also began securing Alien technologies, and clearing NOD forces from the surrounding area.

San Francisco Red Zone image4

In 2055 GDI completed the reclamation of 2 new Blue zones.
Reclaiming an area of Northern Russia once known as Taymyr Peninsula.
And also gained a large foothold in Central USA in an area between the ruined states of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.

Reclaimed Blue Zone Image

With new foundations to build upon, Amtek International LTD. (once known as Samsung) created new infrastructure, Industry, and creating new technologies to better defend the Blue Zones against Tiberium.
Working as a main manufacturing and weapons development company with GDI.


In 2057 Amtek International LTD. had a major Breakthrough in Power suits through Scrin technology adaptation, allowing Humans to withstand massive G forces of up to 130 G's.
This allowed for new aircraft and spacecraft to be created, and construction began on a new Space station named "High Hopes".
This new station will be the main base of operations for GDI's strategic command.

As a result of this new technology , GDI worked to create a new in-atmosphere Assault Craft to replace it's aging air force of Firehawks, Orca Gunships, and other aircraft, in order to standardize all Fighter, Attack, and Bomber craft into a Single craft named the New AC-42 "Orca" VTOL.
Using a Clean Tiberium reactor giving it long loitering times, High G maneuvers, High speeds, and a large weapon load, Using a simple, yet informative cockpit designed for maximum visibility and situational awareness.
The new Orca quickly proved itself as a capable Multi-role assault craft.
GDI's standard unit was designated as AC-42/A "Orca"
AC-42/A Armament:
16X Multi-Role "Mjolnir" Missiles
1X Gatling Auto-turret

For the Reclamation effort, ZOCOM (Zone Operations Command) adopted its variant of the new Assault Craft designated as AC-42/B "Orca" Bomber.
This variant was made for operations in Red Zones, using bombing runs and Sound based Grenade launchers to clear Tiberium fields in long term engagements.
AC-42/B Armament:
6X "Sonic" Grenade Launchers with 100 rounds each
22X "Thresher" bombs
1X Gatling Auto-Turret
Link to ZOCOM Orca

Working in secret, Amtek international LTD. and GDI resurrected the "Steel Talons" experimental warfare division, and creating the Heavily armed Assault craft AC-42/R "Orca", specifically designed to intercept Scrin forces with Overwhelming firepower.
AC-42/R Armament:
8X Multi-Role "Mjolnir" missiles
12X Multi-Role "Retribution" Cruise missiles
1X Railgun on its Auto-turret instead of Gatling gun
Link to Steel Talons Orca

There are rumors that NOD managed to capture one of the new AC-42/A "Orca" and armed it with NOD Tiberium based weaponry.
NOD Stolen Orca Armament:
8X Multi-Role "Catalyst" missiles
126X "Shard" Rockets
1X Short Range Laser Auto-Turret
Link to NOD Stolen Orca

High ranking Commanders may gain access to the Civilian/Sport V-42/GA Orca
A Civilian converted Orca for Blue Zone racing and single seat transportation, Utilizing General Aviation avionics and is Unarmed.
Link to Civilian Sport Orca

The new Orca was designed to be deployed on its own "Orcapad":
Link to Orcapad

Huge thanks to:

V for helping set this up for VR, helping with Cockpit layout, and general inputs!

Also Thanks to Amtek International LTD.

PlanariaLab for the 1part hud

11qazxc For helping with the Auto-Turret codes

Special thanks for testing and general help:






A lot of information was taken from the Command & Conquer Wiki


General Characteristics

  • Successors 7 airplane(s) +49 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 23.7ft (7.2m)
  • Length 34.0ft (10.4m)
  • Height 12.3ft (3.8m)
  • Empty Weight N/A
  • Loaded Weight 27,347lbs (12,404kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 101.075
  • Wing Loading 21.5lbs/ft2 (105.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,269.8ft2 (118.0m2)
  • Drag Points 8997


  • Number of Parts 673
  • Control Surfaces 6
  • Performance Cost 3,192
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    If you want to edit or se how it's connected together to take stuff to your own build
    Watch this video

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    This looks like the thing from Sonic the hedgehog movie, the thing Eggman flys near the end

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    Tags were requested.
    Hope you enjoy her, please let me know if you have problems with her :)

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    15 Opera

    @Freerider2142 how are you man? Long time no see.

    2 months ago
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    @Freerider2142 Ahh, that makes sense, I just figured that those were meant to be like extra thrusters or smn, as you can tell, I have no idea where this is from and therefore know nothing about it. This aircraft is so much fun to fly.

    +2 3 months ago
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    @JustAnotherStudent first of all thank you, glad you like'em :)
    if you mean the exhausts, that's on purpose.
    when afterburner is off, the reactor thrust goes to the reactive thrusters for hovering, with excess heat exhausted out those ports..
    when afterburner is on it diverts all power into the main engines, shutting down the reactive thrust system, including excess heat and exhaust... so the rear exhausts cut off as they now go through the engines.
    at least that's the idea behind that :)

    3 months ago
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    Heya, I really loved the GDI Orca and the civi version, however I noticed something, when I activate AG2 (afterburners) the lights on the back of the wing switch off, and I feel like they would switch in instead, do tell me if I’m wrong. Cheers to you and your great builds!

    3 months ago
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    @Weisbrich cheers and thank you!
    its easier with a good setup.. but not that easy ;)

    1.2 years ago
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    1,206 Weisbrich

    Wow, this thing must be a lot easier to fly with a Thrustmaster setup! Quite the challenge with just mouse and keys. Very cool aircraft

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    Great job @Freerider2142 this looks awesome and performs even better

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    @Noplane it's GDI's color ingame.. you can change it ;)

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    It's to orange

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    @Freerider2142 Is it possible to 3d print a full sized version of my cars?

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    @CarMakerFry20 make good ones.........
    look at the quality of build of stuff featured, and try achieving that....

    1.6 years ago
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    @Freerider2142 How do I make my cars be featured in jundroo's videos?

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    117 Minigun

    @Freerider2142 ofc man you should be proud!!!

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    @Minigun cheers dude!
    that bike is still the build I'm most proud of, and I thank you and everybody that enjoyed it :)

    1.6 years ago
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    117 Minigun

    oh my god i just refound your account i have no idea if you will but a couple years ago i 'reviewed' you bike the nostalgia hit me like a wall thank you so much

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    255 F8boa

    True @Freerider2142

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    @F8boa similar concept...
    tho less on the dragonfly looks ;)

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    @voxbinv happy to hear that :)

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    255 F8boa

    Reminds me of a vertibird from fallout

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    30 voxbinv

    really fun to fly lol

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    11.6k JesusChrist

    Flying detailed stuff like this in cockpit view is pretty fun.

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    i couldn't stop myself from making a cargo version...

    +1 2.0 years ago
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