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Planex Aerospace A190-200 V1.2

92.7k ForeverPie  one year ago
Auto Credit Based on ForeverPie's Planex A-190-200 BETA 0.8

V1.2 Changelog:

Fixed the nose gear door gap.
Added Cargo Doors.

An all new, long range mid-sized airliner by Planex Aerospace.

The Planex A190-200 is the base model for the A190 family, which has unbeatable economics and performance to fill the gap left by the Boeing 757/767 families. It can seat 60 people in First Class and 210 people in Economy class for a total PAX of 270 in a 2 class configuration. Of course, that number can be brought down depending on airline preference, and the amount of cabin flexibility offered in the A190 allow nearly all configurations to be economical. The A190-200 can also take off and land out of airports as small as Wright's North Field, making it the ultimate long and skinny aircraft, period.

The A190-200 has multiple features allowing it to achieve such unbeatable efficiency and performance.

1: The Aircrafts high thrust and folding wings allow it to operate at the smallest regional airports, or even on compromised runways thanks to it's default gravel kit and rugged landing gear.
2: The ultra high bypass turbofan Planex NG-1A-100 engines make for maximum power and efficiency in the same package.
3: The ultra-streamlined design is sleek and creates very low drag for minimum air resistance.
4: More Lift=Better Physics lolamiright


A190-200 raising it's gear (close up).

A190-200 touching down after a test flight.

The A190s famous folding wings in action to bring the plane from a Group V gate size to a Group III gate (Aircraft is actually Group IV due to tail height).


ACT1: Gear Doors, always raise before taxi.

ACT2: Reverse Thrusters, they stop you.

ACT3: Speedbrakes, they also stop you.

ACT4,5,6,7: L A M P

ACT8: Wing Fold

VTOL: Flaps

Trim: Trim

LandingGear: Landing gear legs.


For long field takeoff, set throttle 10% until speed hits 50kts (57mph). Set throttle to 20% until 100kts, then set throttle to 30%. Rotate at 130kts (149mph). Set throttle to 50% while rotating. Short field takeoff is the same procedure, but go 30% throttle from beginning of roll up to rotation, then increase to 50%.

Land with flaps either 3/4 or full at a speed of 140-145kts (161-167mph). Butter the bread, then ACT3 for speed brakes and ACT2 for reverse thrust.

The Family:


Enjoy! :D


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Planex A-190-200 BETA 0.8
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 177.6ft (54.1m)
  • Length 177.8ft (54.2m)
  • Height 48.8ft (14.9m)
  • Empty Weight 163,895lbs (74,341kg)
  • Loaded Weight 254,350lbs (115,371kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.583
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.023
  • Wing Loading 52.0lbs/ft2 (253.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 4,891.9ft2 (454.5m2)
  • Drag Points 58586


  • Number of Parts 762
  • Control Surfaces 9
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    Does anyone know how to publish a new plane with photos in the game and not in the editor ??? please help

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    Does anyone know how to publish a new plane with photos in the game and not in the editor ??? please help

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    @2578Vikk Yeah... that’s the weird thing

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    The engine blades fall off sometimes during landing, but other than that, it’s a cool plane

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    @ForeverPie oh ok when u post it it didn’t have any instructions now they do lol ok I will thx

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    92.7k ForeverPie

    @CreamCakes Use ACT1 to close the gear doors before taxiing.

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    It can’t take Off from the runway because of the back landing gears doors

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