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Pars 6x6 SHORAD

32.1k DeathStalker627  3.3 years ago
Auto Credit Based on EternalDarkness's Air Defence Challenge [CLOSED]


About :

This short-range surface-to-air missile system is developed specifically for mobile platforms and to protect high-value targets like airfields.

A multi-capability solution to the High/Low Altitude & Short Range threats

It was studied from other XMT Made vehicles such as
Hurricane,Vermas & Arrow.

Design Principles

Tracking :

  1. Radar detection in all weathers on fluctuating target flying at speeds up to Mach 3

2.Tracking of the target accurately in all environments,even if it flies at ground level, hugs the side of a hill or valley, or passes through a nodal point close by. Guidance of the missile accurately under whatever conditions the target imposes.

3.Fast reaction, so that the following operations can take place whilst the aircraft in question & travels at no more than 15km, allowing an intervention time of just under 10 seconds.

4.Maximum reliability in spite of enemy electronic countermeasures. Detection of faults the moment they occur and not when the approach of an enemy aircraft sets off the full operating sequence.

Firepower :

1.Firepower sufficient to ensure a kill probability of 90%

2.Highly accurate missile guidance,high-acceleration, high-speed missile,
missile manoeuvrability, even at maximum range.

3.Controlled detonation of the warhead for maximum effect in a position relative to the target's leading-edge and engine infrared sources,
a proximity warhead, the destructive range of which is considerably greater than the missile's miss-distance,

4.The possibility of firing several missiles at the same target if needs be, without starting the acquisition sequence again; immediate, automatic realization of the need for this without human intervention; the automatic firing of such a salvo.

Mobility :

1.Vehicle Top Speed is 120km/h,mobility comparable to the combat formations which the system will protect,particularly cross-country, without degradation of its detection capability.

2.Self-propulsion,self-contained operation and air-deployable.

Controls :

AG-1 ;

Landing Gear : Deploys Support Legs,Opens the Missile Tubes,Erects the Radar

Pitch+Roll: Turret Control.

AG-2 ;

Deployment Light

AG-3 ;


AG-8 ;

Engine On/Off,

Pitch+Roll Movement

Manual ;

~ First disable the engine

~Deploy supporting legs

~Wait for the missile hatches & search radar to rise

Special Thanks to ;

@BoganBoganTheMan for the Radar Dishes


This vehicle based on FNSS Pars 6x6 Special Purpose APC.

Turret inspired by French Crotale


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Air Defence Challenge [CLOSED]
  • Successors 9 airplane(s) +315 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 12.0ft (3.7m)
  • Length 32.8ft (10.0m)
  • Height 21.4ft (6.5m)
  • Empty Weight 33,554lbs (15,219kg)
  • Loaded Weight 34,458lbs (15,629kg)


  • Wing Loading 266.8lbs/ft2 (1,302.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 129.2ft2 (12.0m2)
  • Drag Points 14521


  • Number of Parts 868
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 2,660
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    Indeed,It has other variants too@Rakoval500k

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    Seems like i finally found an "IRL" counterpart to Jundroo's AA Tank.

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    7,066 Roswell


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    @Destroyerz117 This is weird. There are 4 golds and 3 of their names start with 'D'

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    @DeathStalker627 alright

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    Tulpar next@DeidaraEnterprises

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    @metallicplanes not to mention almost every name starts with a "D" lol

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    @DeidaraEnterprises @CrashFighter05 @DeathStalker627 @Destroyerz117 This chat is getting goldy

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    @DeathStalker627 Kaplan IFV build, when?

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    24.2k NoGoCars

    Here you can see a wild 6×6 in its natural habitat; hiding in grass.

    +2 3.3 years ago
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    @BoganBoganTheMan Yet again,Thanks man !

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    @Destroyerz117 Yeah,Pars(Leopard) hiding in grass for some prey.

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