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Cessna 510 Citation Mustang

172k MAPA  1.1 years ago
Auto Credit Based on MAPA's (Reworked) Cessna Citation CJ1+

This aircraft follows all the basic AI requirements. It is specially designed for Artificial Intelligence [AI] to simulate air traffic, it is able to land and take off with extreme precision at the main airports in the game, it is also a playable aircraft, you can enjoy air collisions, target shooting or just enjoy of a more realistic air traffic.

MAPA Aviation · 2023


The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet that was built by Cessna. Launched at the 2002 NBAA convention, the Model 510 first flew on April 23, 2005. It received its FAA type certification on September 8, 2006, and was first delivered on November 22. Production ended in 2017 after 479 aircraft were built. The 8,645 lb (3,921 kg) maximum take-off weight jet is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F 1,460 lbf (6.5 kN) turbofans, can reach 340 kn (630 km/h), and has a range of 1,167 nmi (2,161 km).

Launched at the 2002 NBAA convention, the $2.4 million Mustang first flew on April 23, 2005. The airplane received full type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration on September 8, 2006. Cessna received FAA certification to fly into "known icing conditions" on November 9, 2006. Cessna delivered the first production LJ on November 22, 2006, the same day the FAA awarded Cessna with the necessary certification. Dave and Dawn Goode of GOODE Ski Technologies received the first retail delivered Cessna Mustang on April 23, 2007.

In 2010, Cessna launched an enhanced edition of the aircraft called the High Sierra, which features higher-quality cabin furnishings and enhanced avionics, including synthetic vision. In 2015, its unit cost was US$3.35 million.

Cessna ended production of the design in May 2017 due to lack of customer demand for the aircraft as a result of competition from the company's own Cessna Citation M2. The company had been selling an average of 40 Mustangs per year until the M2 was introduced in 2013, and then Mustang sales dropped to just 24 aircraft over the next three years. The M2 is a faster and larger aircraft, but it can operate from similar-length runways and requires the more-common C/E-525 type rating, which potentially reduces training and crewing costs over the Mustang. A total of 479 examples of the Citation Mustang were produced.

In 2018, used 2009-2016 Mustangs were priced at $1.85-2.5 million.


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Controls: Standard

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General Characteristics

  • Predecessor (Reworked) Cessna Citation CJ1+
  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 58.1ft (17.7m)
  • Length 53.3ft (16.2m)
  • Height 19.1ft (5.8m)
  • Empty Weight 11,024lbs (5,000kg)
  • Loaded Weight 15,015lbs (6,810kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 8.98
  • Wing Loading 27.5lbs/ft2 (134.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 546.1ft2 (50.7m2)
  • Drag Points 3575


  • Number of Parts 82
  • Control Surfaces 7
  • Performance Cost 444
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    24.7k ToeTips

    Nahh, the stubby nature of this jet is cracking me up😂
    Man looks like his fuselage stopped downloading at 60

    9 months ago
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    That’s really low for a low wing

    +1 1.1 years ago
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    172k MAPA

    @WinsWings thank you very much!

    +2 1.1 years ago
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    258k WinsWings

    wow I was away for a while and need to catch up with your builds

    +1 1.1 years ago
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    28.2k CaptainNoble

    @MAPA you're welcome

    1.1 years ago
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    172k MAPA

    @PAULO1236 @NoblePlanesLTD @Zxndr Thank you guys! :D

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