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McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

42.6k TakeYourLife3000  1.5 years ago
Auto Credit Based on TakeYourLife3000's FA-18C


  • Trim: Trim

    Activate Group:
  • AG1: Open FYW System

  • AG2: Open Engine
  • AG:3: Landing hook
  • AG4: Open Missile System
  • AG5: Discard the fuel tank
  • AG6: Discard the Missile
  • LandingGear: LandingGear
FBW will work when you have a Stable FPS (about 20+)

Frist of all

CredIt to @haogejiuhaoge1(fly by write system)

About the FBW system

This system uses very scientific calculation methods, which are in line with scientific formulas within certain limits, So if the operation is correct, this control has great maneuverability and adjustability

Programmer's letter

My Friend,
This calculation program has some difficulties for people who have no experience in production, but I overcome the difficulties to implement this program, which makes me very happy. When you finish making this program, look back, you will find that this thing is actually logical. But this production process is really full of ups and downs. I hope you can value my efforts in this procedure.



The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is a twin-engine, supersonic, all-weather, carrier-capable, multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft (hence the F/A designation). Designed by McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) and Northrop (now part of Northrop Grumman), the F/A-18 was derived from the latter's YF-17 in the 1970s for use by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The Hornet is also used by the air forces of several other nations, and since 1986, by the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels.

The F/A-18 was designed to be a highly versatile aircraft due to its avionics, cockpit displays, and excellent aerodynamic characteristics, with the ability to carry a wide variety of weapons. The aircraft can perform fighter escort, fleet air defense, suppression of enemy air defenses, air interdiction, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance. Its versatility and reliability have proven it to be a valuable carrier asset, though it has been criticized for its lack of range and payload compared to its earlier contemporaries, such as the Grumman F-14 Tomcat in the fighter and strike fighter role, and the Grumman A-6 Intruder and LTV A-7 Corsair II in the attack role.

Enjoy!~Feel Free to Upvote ,if you like my F/A-18 . SEE YOU!!~


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor FA-18C
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 29.1ft (8.9m)
  • Length 56.4ft (17.2m)
  • Height 17.0ft (5.2m)
  • Empty Weight 3,270lbs (1,483kg)
  • Loaded Weight 50,982lbs (23,125kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 4.363
  • Wing Loading 57.7lbs/ft2 (281.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 882.9ft2 (82.0m2)
  • Drag Points 2487


  • Number of Parts 3933
  • Control Surfaces 6
  • Performance Cost 15,086
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    Can you guys fucking shut up about parts

    one month ago
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    2 months ago
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    Hey bro, the gears are broken for me, like they fold as soon as the game starts and glitches, do you have a solution to this?

    +1 3 months ago
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    tyl3000 said she left simpleplanes on 2019.8.26 But she published a new work here ain't? :/
    So I think she may publish another plane in few years lol

    6 months ago
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    150 Duckyy69

    cant run it but that cockpit looks 1 to 1 lmao

    9 months ago
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    409 ZFRFRK

    @TakeYourLife3000 are you still making plane??

    9 months ago
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    Yukari !

    9 months ago
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    3,476 RPC3503

    Hello! Good day!I have a couple questions, 1. have you made something mobile friendly? 2. Oooh! Oooh! have you made a harrier?

    11 months ago
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    I love you aircraft so much!
    May I make a video with you plane on bilibili?

    +2 11 months ago
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    So this is the old one, the F/A 18-C

    11 months ago
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    one year ago
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    40.6k KnightOfRen

    Those wings tho...

    1.3 years ago
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    Why is it that everytime i really like an aircraft it has over 3000 parts. :cri:

    +6 1.3 years ago
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    583 QuickNils

    how can u get 20 fps on this???? i have 16 GB RAM and get 5!

    +1 1.3 years ago
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    35.5k ThePilotDude

    yet another amazing looking plane with a terrible flight model... seriously if you put so much effort into making it look amazing, surely you could install a good flight system?

    +9 1.5 years ago
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    375 drfsdev

    Super cool.

    1.5 years ago
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    I really want to fly this plane but sad my iPad can’t handle it

    +2 1.5 years ago
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    lags so much it starts to go in a direction i didnt want to

    1.5 years ago
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    1.5 years ago
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    I have an Alienware R17 and it has slight difficulty running this at a decent framerate WOW! It is really an amazing build, the afterburners look really sick.

    1.5 years ago
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    1.5 years ago
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    5,178 Grandma

    @LordAidanYT speaking of that, i auctally play DCS, f-16 and f-14

    +3 1.5 years ago
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    2,834 LordAidanYT

    @M4xDerBaba it’s SimpleDigitalCombatSimulator

    1.5 years ago
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    195 Lazer22

    You lucky your ravioli didn’t get cooked; Mine caught fire cause of the Yamato...@LordAidanYT

    +2 1.5 years ago
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    i´m a little bit confused: am i playing simple planes or DCS right now? Holy moly this is the most detailled f18 i have ever seen.

    +1 1.5 years ago
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