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Mitsubishi F-2A

7,963 TawnyOwl  25 days ago


Mitsubishi F-2 is the newest-generation multirole fighter of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces.
To counter the threat of enemy fighters or bombers, the JASDF employs the F-15J Eagle, while the F-1 support fighter has been employed to counter sea-based and land-based threats (surface vessels and tanks) since 1975.
However, the F-1 is aging, and retirement of the type has commenced.
To replace the F-1, joint U.S.-Japan development of a successor based on the General Dynamic F-16 Falcon was carried out.
Originally called the FS-X, the resulting aircraft looks much like the F-16 Falcon, but the internal systems are almost completely different, employing the latest state-of-the-art technologies.


The fuselage and wings are slightly larger than the F-16, as is the radome while encloses an entirely new, active phased-array radar system.
The canopy has been divided into three sections to protect against bird strikes or other trouble during low-altitude missions.
The airframe and many surfaces are constructed with rugged-yet-light carbon composites which lower overall weight as well.
Cockpit systems are upgraded as well, with multi-function displays employing color liquid-crystal technology rather than the usual CRTs.
Power is provided by a General Electric F110-GE-129 delivering thrust near the 30,000 lb. range.
The aircraft boasts 11 hard points capable of handling air-to-air and anti-shipping (ASM-2, etc.) missiles as well as bombs of all types and external fuel tanks.
F-2 will play a central role in defending Japan along with the F-15J well into the 21st century.


AG1 : Canopy close
AG2 : Speed brakes open
AG3 : Auto pilot (Works at GS:500mph and below)
AG4 : Gun
AG5 : Missile
AG6 : Drag chute
AG7 : Formation Light
AG8 : Engine start (APU startup first, main engine startup 30 seconds later)

-AG1+AG6 : Jettison Tanks and Missiles
-AG1+AG7 : Arresting Hook down (If it is activated during flight, it cannot be retracted until after Landing and Stopping)

Trim : Flap and Flaperon
VTOL(0~1) : AfterBurner

How to control
1. Start the engine by AG8 and close the canopy by AG1.
2. The main engine will start up in 30 seconds, then you can fly.

CAUTION Always start on the runway, not in the air!

FLCP and Sniper Targeting Pod

In this system, the WayPoint (Latitude and Longitude) can be set by Pitch and Roll operations during AG3 operation.
And, the respective position information is displayed by selecting the AA/AG target.
In addition, three locations have been preset by VTOL.
[VTOL=-0.4~-0.65:Avalanche Airport(RW09), VTOL=-0.7~-0.85:Yeager Airport(RW01L), VTOL=-0.9~-1:Wright Airport(RW36)]

Have Fun!


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 38.1ft (11.6m)
  • Length 50.8ft (15.5m)
  • Height 17.8ft (5.4m)
  • Empty Weight 11,345lbs (5,146kg)
  • Loaded Weight 27,341lbs (12,401kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 8.013
  • Wing Loading 31.6lbs/ft2 (154.1kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 866.1ft2 (80.5m2)
  • Drag Points 12647


  • Number of Parts 2097
  • Control Surfaces 4
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    Can you make this so that’s it’s compatible with mobile

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    holy cow. this is awesome

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    29.8k Dimkal

    @TawnyOwl Awesome build and ingenious coding! May I ask your permission to use the Sniper X targeting pod for my build? Im gonna add some modifications, mainland aesthetics. Could you provide some more info for the Funky Trees codes used for target pod operation?

    12 days ago
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    Actually incredible

    19 days ago
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    4,349 Shippy456

    A collective ”holy shit” will suffice the entirety of the community’s reaction to this unexpected yet quite pleasing creation.

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    This is the kinda thing I was trying to make with my Farukon heh
    You can even tell by it having the Japanese word for Falcon for the name

    21 days ago
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    @shipster exactly

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    this would kill my iPad if I downloaded

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    SimplePlanes has become UnsimpleCodingPlanes and it’s great

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    Also, here before this gets featured

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    Damn I wish I can build something like this

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    I am losing brain cells at a rapid rate trying to figure out how you did this so damn good

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