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Hunter X 'Miss Demeanour' (51 followers too)

10.1k MethaManAerospace  4.9 years ago
Auto Credit Based on mikoyanster's 50sChallengeReborn - Starting!!!

1 - Year of introduction: 1956 Hunter F.4 - current modification: 1959 Hunter X

2 - Manufacturer: Hawker - current modification: unknown

3 - History:
Originally a Hawker Hunter mark F.4 built in 1956. Bought by retired colonel Kippa in 1958 it was repainted, modernised and renamed 'Miss Demeanour'. The colonel used it to fight independently during The 1st middle Eastern War (1956-1971). The aircraft was not feared because of its nature (the Hunter is already outdated) and modernisation/modifications but because of its ace pilot. There are many reports of Israeli pilots fleeing back to their bases when seeing a bright and dark silhouette on the horizon knowing that 'Miss Demeanour' haunted the area...

4 - Stats
Modification: new privately and secretly developed cannons, ground and air targeting system, better avionics, more powerful engine, liquid fuel rocket boosters.

Paint scheme: 'Miss Demeanour'
Speeds reached:
1050mph - 35 000ft
1150mph - 40 000ft

- AG1 = drop outer pylon load
- AG2 = drop mid pylon load
- AG3 = drop inner pylon load
- AG4 = Airbrake
- AG5 = Rocket boost
- AG7 = High vis night lights (whatever you call them) + LandingGear = landing lights
- AG8 = Nav lights

Hope you enjoy it and hope I didn't offend anyone :)

PS: Thanks for the 51 followers, I know you suffer and I'll be posting something in the forums explaining what I've been up to...
+ Will be uploading the actual replica soon...


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor 50sChallengeReborn - Starting!!!
  • Successors 1 airplane(s) +7 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 32.4ft (9.9m)
  • Length 40.2ft (12.2m)
  • Height 13.7ft (4.2m)
  • Empty Weight 17,040lbs (7,729kg)
  • Loaded Weight 20,954lbs (9,504kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.179
  • Wing Loading 26.9lbs/ft2 (131.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 778.0ft2 (72.3m2)
  • Drag Points 8524


  • Number of Parts 376
  • Control Surfaces 7
  • Performance Cost 1,106